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36The At-Large Community should envisage conference calls with other ACs and SOs in between ICANN public meetings to improve collaboration and engagement.ICANN SO & AC ChairsTG5
  • ALAC
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Implementation Details

During ICANN public meetings, the ALAC frequently holds face-to-face meetings with other ACs and SOs, notably the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC), Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO), and various Stakeholder Groups (SGs) and Constituencies (Cs) within the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO). Those meetings focus on thematic topics and shared interests between the ALAC and the relevant groups.  

In between ICANN public meetings, the ALAC Chair and the Chairs of the Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs) have been actively participating in the monthly cross community teleconference that facilitates communications and collaboration between senior ICANN Staff and community leaders in the SOs, ACs, Cs, and RALOs. The ICANN President and CEO usually provide an update on critical ICANN-wide issues during those teleconferences.

Such communication and coordination has resulted in the greater effectiveness of the ALAC and other ACs/SOs to address issues of shared concern. Examples include the joint efforts between the ALAC and the GAC to push the ICANN Board to review the Public Interest Commitments (PICs) / Safeguard issues related to the Category 1 Top Level Domains (TLDs).

Next Step

During ICANN57, the ALAC Leadership Team will discuss with David Olive, Vice President of Policy Development Support in ICANN, about the purpose, feasibility, and logistics of holding teleconferences between the ALAC and other SOs and ACs in between ICANN public meetings. Those teleconferences will take place when there is need and urgency to address substantive topics of concern to both the ALAC and relevant groups.


  • Olivier Crepin-Leblond to ask Alan Greenberg about this recommendation, cc'ing At-Large Staff for possible follow-up



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