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3ICANN should continue to shape an accountability model reaching not only Board members but all parts of the ICANN community, in order to develop a more transparent and productive environmentICANN Board; ICANN Staff; ICANN CommunityTG1
  • IANA Transition & ICANN Accountability



Implementation Details

At-Large Community members actively contributed to the CCWG-Accountability Work Stream 1, which produced a set of enhancements to ICANN's accountability mechanisms that must be in place within the time frame of the IANA stewardship transition. Establishing an Empowered Community, which would make the ICANN Board more accountable, is one of the final recommendations. The Work Stream 1 proposal has been approved by the ICANN community and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The implementation of the recommendations is underway, and the At-Large Advisory Committee is formal participant in the Empowered Community. In addition, the Board has also put in place measures to increase the transparency of their work processes, including publishing Board meeting transcripts.

Focused on addressing broader accountability topics that extend beyond the IANA Stewardship Transition, the CCWG-Accountability Work Stream 2 would propose further enhancements to a number of designated mechanisms, including the Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committee accountability, staff accountability, and improving ICANN’s transparency. At-Large members have been leaders and/or active participants in different SubGroups in Work Stream 2.

Next Step

At-Large will continue engaging in the CCWG-Accountability Work Stream 2 to help shape the accountability model reaching all parts of the ICANN community. Seasoned At-Large leaders will encourage more At-Large members to participate.


  • Could feed into ICANN accountability process and At-Large work in this process

    • CCWG Accountability has been tackling the accountability model reaching the 'Board' Work Stream 1;  Work Stream 2 will tackle the accountability model reaching the rest of the ICANN community. 

    • The content of recommendation is on the radar of the CCWG-Accountability and is within the scope of its work; the CCWG is making recommendations as part of the organizational reviews.  
    • This is a recommendation from the At-Large Community but it is not really up to At-Large to implement it single handedly. Nonetheless, the issue mentioned in the recommendation is regarded as an active issue of the whole ICANN community. At-Large is part of the process. 
    • This recommendation gives ALAC members the ability in the CCWG to press issues that the At-Large community feels strongly about.
    • Many stakeholders have raised this issue during the 2nd public comment period of the CCWG-Accountability. This might be one of the main issues of concern with regard to the single membership model and other alternative model proposed by the CCWG-Accountability. If the community is given too much power, the accountability of the community may be at risk and unintended problems may occur. This issue will most likely be discussed during the CCWG f2f meetings in LA and Dublin. 

    • In the final Proposal of CCWG-Accountability WS1, it includes the Community Power which makes Board members more accountable. The Proposal has been ratified and passed to NTIA, pending review from the Congress. 

    • WS2 will deal with the broader accountability issues; 

    • Board has come up with measures to make their work more transparent, including publishing their meeting transcripts (, e.g.: ICANN should do no less. Every official ICANN Board meeting should be webcast in real time. When the Board is meeting telephonically then the Web audiocast should be available simultaneously. And all should be archived for future access and review. Only limited redactions should be made, such as when the Board is discussing internal personnel matters or when the proprietary and confidential information of a contracted party might be revealed, and then only if a rationale is provided)

    • Next Step: At-Large Community should encourage members to participate in WS2

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