No.RecommendationRecipientThematic Group SourceAssigneesStatus
21Encourage public campaigns on using the Internet for education, information, creativity and empowerment.ICANN Board; GSE StaffTG3
  • Outreach & Engagement
  • Social Media




  • Social Media WG to clarify the recommendations with TG3 leaders (Jean-Jacques Subrenat, Fatima Cambronero, Wolf Ludwig, Gunela Astbrink, Glenn McKnight, Judith Hellerstein) 
  • Leon Sanchez, Murray McKercher to contact GSE staff and learn about their past public campaign efforts 
  • Leon Sanchez to attend the GSE meeting in Singapore on Sunday 8 Feb 2015 
  • Dev Anand Teelucksingh to relay this recommendation to the O&E SC and note whether B meeting will be a good opportunity to encourage public campaigns


    • ICANN Staff-organized fellowship and next gen programs can be considered part of this effort. 
    • B meeting may be a good opportunity to encourage public campaigns on those topics, as it is the only meeting that ICANN communities will have a specific day dedicated to outreach and it may be easier for the community to make specific request to conduct those activities.  Hence, this recommendation is linked to Recommendation #1:
    • At-Large Ad-Hoc New Meeting Strategy Working Group has been looking into regional strategy for outreach activities in B meeting. 
    • ALSes should have a large role to play in education, information, creativity, and empowerment related to Internet Governance and ICT issues. They should share their own public campaigns via various communication platforms (e.g. wiki, social media) with the wider At-Large community. 
    • At-Large needs to provide a platform that serves as an one-stop shop for showcasing the ALS efforts in public campaigns and helping RALOs exchange information.  
    • A shared calendar can be such one-stop shop (both NARALO and LACRALO strongly supports this). RALOs, GSE, and even NomCom can use the calendar to coordinate the events in the region in order to do outreach and encourage participation. Users can view the events and subscribe to the calendar. Admins can include their own event entries but won't be able to override other people's entries. If successful, this calendar can be expanded to allow other stakeholder groups to update their events. 
    • Outreach & Engagement SC has found a shared calendar solution (i.e. team-up: and presented it during the Aug 17 call ( It has already been set up and rolled out for the RALOs to update their events. 
    • It's the responsibility of RALO Chairs and Secretariats to do ALS management and make communication/publicity tools aware to the ALSes and encourage them to share their efforts across the community (e.g. monthly ALS spotlight is not enough). 
    • It is recognized that there is challenge for RALOs to obtain fundings to send members to attend regional events. Applicants need to submit application well in advance (usually in Jan or Feb) in order to have a chance to pursue those travel opportunities. 
    • The CROPP funding has limitations, as it allows people to travel to attend organized events but not for organizing new events locally. Hence, this recommendation also links to Recommendation #40 ( ICANN should offer process similar to the CROPP, but not related to travel
    • In line with the public campaign topics, there may be room for collaboration between At-Large, NCSG, NCUC, and NPOC to do public campaigns focusing on civil society engagement. 
    • No need to add additional request re this recommendation, just to report on the progress. 
    • ICANN can share existing resources and/or resources from I* organizations, RIRs to develop public campaigns. At-Large community should not spearhead those types of campaigns. 
    • Some ALSes may be monitoring social media tools/platforms that are blocked in certain regions, and it would be worthwhile to get more information from them 
    • Public campaign is outside the remit of ICANN. 
  •  (update from the GSE, slides)
    • Note on slide:  It would be helpful to hear from At-Large on how they see this within ICANN’s remit. This recommendation is being addressed by other groups outside ICANN.

Input from Outreach & Engagement Sub-committee: 

  • Not in ICANN's core mission & value
  • Collaborate with other I* organizations, but not to spearhead those programs

    • Staff confirmed that Nora Abusitta will be joining the ALAC session and can address what her department has been doing with regard to this recommendation 

Input from Social Media Working Group: 

  • Input from Murray McKercher: 
    • Encourage public campaigns on using the Internet for education, information, creativity and empowerment.

    • Recent discussion indicated this recommendation, while considered a worthy goal is written in too broad terms for consideration by ICANN's board.

    • While not a member of the Thematic Group 3, I believe the sentiment of this recommendation may have evolved from a need for ICANN to use the internet more wisely for its own needs for public education, and outreach for the role it plays in he Internet Ecosystem.