Monday, 23 June 2014

ALAC and Regional Leadership Working Session

  • At-Large staff to follow up with ICANN Security Staff on the possibility of preparing a Beginner's Guide on the Domain Name Security.
  • SSAC to be given more than 30 mins at next ICANN meeting

Discussion with the Communications Team 

  • Staff to ensure that Chris Gift has all of the previous At-Large community survey work on the At-Large website needs

Tuesday, 24 June 2014



  • Staff to send a booklet around by GAC on Human Rights. Council of Europe " ICANN’S procedures and policies in the light of human rights, fundamental freedoms and democratic values".
ALAC Work - Part I - Hot topic # 2:- ICANN Accountability and Globalization
  • Holly RaicheAlan Greenberg, and Chester Soong and the ATLAS II TG4 to draft an ALAC statement on the Enhancing ICANN Accountability PC 
  • At-Large Staff to work with GSE Staff to ensure collaboration and information exchange on At-Large and GSE activities.
  • The GSE team and with Web-Admin staff to look into page seems to have a redirect loop and can't resolve. (see:
  • At-Large to make a request to relevant GSE staff that the NextGen program should be expanded to other regions.
  • Ask that the Speaker's Bureau list of potential speakers be expanded to include a database of well known and vetted community experts that would be able to address communities in their local language or local cultures or by topic, rather than having it restricted currently to only Staff and Board speakers.

ALAC Work - Part II

1) Proposal to make Academy WG (motion passed - no opposition) 

  • Motion proposed by: Sandra Hoferichter
  • Seconder: Olivier Crepin-Leblond
  • Motion: Each RALO nominates 2 possible participants – one must be experienced, one must be new. The final decision is to be taken by the ALAC. The ALAC, in their decision, is to also consider NomCom selectees.

ALAC reps in the room at the time of the consensus call:

Eduardo , Dev, Fatima, Maureen, Alan, Holly, Leon, Evan, Olivier, Tijani, Sandra, Beran, JJS, Rafid,

Absent: Hadja (not in London)

2) At-Large Capacity Building Working Group  

  •  At-Large Staff to collect the data regarding the pre-ATLAS II capacity building webinars.
  •  At-Large Staff to ask IT to check the number of downloads of the pre-ATLAS II capacity building webinars.
  • No Action Items for the other Working Groups.

3) Incorporation of ATLAS II Thematic Groups into existing At-Large Working Groups

  • Staff to send a reminder to all ATLAS II thematic groups to join existing At Large WG.
  • ATLAS II participants to have discussion with the 2015 NomCom Leadership
  • For large Standing Groups, based on the results of their analysis, message personalization needed for better results.

Wednesday June 25 2014

APRALO  General Assembly

  • APRALO members who are not subscribed to the mail list to send emails to at large staff. 
  • APRALO agreed to continue discussions of the APAC HUB - APRALO Strategy document within a timeframe of  2 months and send the deliverable to Maureen Hilyard who will consolidate all the inputs from APRALO members.  
  • Fouad Bajwa will lead a WG on the partnership WG to take the MOUs further. Fouad Bajwa will send  updated on APTLD and APNIC. The WG will work via email only, and will report/update on a monthly basis. 

AFRALO General Assembly

  • Staff to work on the AFRALO ALS Brochure so that it can be placed electronically on the WIKI page/ AFRALO Wiki page.
  • AFRALO to make a request to AFRINIC to request access to request data/statistics with regards to Africa.
    AFRALO ROPs need to be reviewed to consider various items. Staff will work with AFRALO Leaders to start a review of these procedures.

LACRALO General Assembly

  • Proposal of Minimum Criteria for an ALS to be studied and analyzed within the Governance Working Group. 
  • Proposal for the drafting, issuance and publication of declarations to be  sent to the Chair and Secretariat  who will set up the timeframe for discussion and approval of the proposal.
  • Metric Proposal to promote active participation in LACRALO to be sent to the Governance Working Group to be discussed and analyzed. The concepts of representation and contribution shall be included.
  • Document Capacity Building Program to be translated and sent to LACRALO's Chair and Secretariat to determine the way and timeframe to be discussed and analyzed.

Thursday, June 26 2014

ALAC & Regional Leadership Wrap-Up Meeting

  • Staff to incorporate the text from Thomas Lowenhaupt submission in TG5 re: end user organisations involvement in "city" TLD applications in a wiki page for At-Large recommendations for the 2nd round for new gTLDs 

 Friday, June 27 2014

  • An ATLAS II OC call is to be organized in order to hold a de-brief on the organization of the ATLAS II and to develop best practice for future summits.   
  • Gisella Gruber to work with the ATLAS II ROI WG in creating a survey on the ATLAS II to get feedback from summit participants on the various ATLAS2 activities   (feedback on the TGs, mentor program, plenary, etc) 
  • At-Large staff, in consultation with the ALT and ATLAS II OC leaders, will organize a post-ATLAS II de-brief community webinar.
  • Next ALT agenda to include item on: ATLAS II feedback and debrief.
  • The ALT to discuss the issue of an ALAC liaison to the GAC prior to the ICANN 51 Meeting in Los Angeles. 
  • Staff to send a call for membership of the IDN WG
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