Draft Action Items


B. Brendler (BB), G. Bruen (GB,) M. Chartrand (MC), E. Diaz (ED), A. Greenberg (AG), E. Leibovitch (EL), G. Shearman (GS), D. Younger (DY)


H. Ullrich (HU)

Staff to set arrange a single issue call on the issue of the At-Large community’s process for the selection of a voting Board Director is to be set up for 21 September at 19:00 UTC.

EL, on behalf of NARALO, to put forward the names of two candidates for the ALAC to consider for Board Liaison. The names, in order of preference, are: Seth Reiss and Alan Greenberg.

DY and GB to follow up with the ALAC on the issue on the use of incorrect or missing WHOIS data. If ALAC does not agree to make draft a statement, BB, GB, and DY to draft a NARALO statement on this issue. BB, GB, and DY to draft a statement on this issue off-line. BB to take the NARALO statement to the ALAC meeting in Seoul.

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