NARALO Monthly Teleconference

Date: Monday, 12 April 2010

Time: 15:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

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Summary Minutes: Summary Minutes Brochure WG 12 April 2010

Action Items: Action Items Brochure WG 12 April 2010

Recording: ENGLISH


The current version of the NARALO flier is available under: NARALO Flier - Draft Version

1. Create draft tri-fold brochure (Eduardo)

  • Who will put the text into the required .ind format? (professional ICANN designers or members of the NARALO drafting team)
  • Who will work on the design and graphics?
  • Set priorities in case the proposed text is too long for a double-sided A4/US Letter brochure ( Click here to download text in a rough tri-fold layout)

2. Discuss and comment on the different sections of the Brochure (Eduardo, Scott, At-Large Staff)

2.1 "What issues are important to NARALO?" (Eduardo, Scott, At-Large Staff)

Scott reviewed the issues section and offers his suggestions and comments as a basis for discussion on this section.

2.2 Testimonial (Eduardo)

If additional testimonials are to be added, the current three testimonials might be too long to fit on one page (see

!LACRALO flier|!


  • Should additional testimonials be added? If so, who should be ask? (NA ALAC members, Chair, Secretariat, somebody to reflect ALS diversity?)

2.3 "Who is NARALO" (Eduardo)

2.4 Front/Back Cover (Eduardo)

  • Eduardo suggest to use the front/back cover sections from the EURALO Brochure (by back cover, do you mean the section about ICANN and At-Large?)

3. AOB, Wrap-up and next steps (Eduardo)

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