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  Leon Sanchez: (09:13) Good morning everyone!
  Winthrop Yu: (09:13) Buenos Dias, Leon and everyone there!
  Leon Sanchez: (09:16) Buenos días Winthrop!
  Dave Kissoondoyal: (09:20) Good morning to you all in Buenos Aires
  Winthrop Yu: (09:27) Audio frrom the microphones fades very quickly
with (speaker to mike) distance. Otherwise both audio and video are good.
  Ariel Liang: (09:29) @Winthrop I will check with tech support
  Dave Kissoondoyal: (09:29) Thanks Ariel.. The same issue over here as
  Ariel Liang: (09:34) Dave and Winthrop, kindly let us know whether the
audio has gottn better
  Winthrop Yu: (09:39) @Ariel, i couldn't understand either Maureen or
Garth, but i can understand Heidi and Siranush is very clear.  Alan is
always clear.
  Dave Kissoondoyal: (09:39) yes improved a lot
  Dave Kissoondoyal: (09:39) thanks a lot
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (09:40) Chair of the ALAC: now just checking out
of Plaza Hotel, I'll be coming to your meeting before 10:00, and wish to
make a proposal to help remedy the visa problem. I wish to present this
briefly to ALAC ALT before the Chair of the Board, so that the suggestion
may also be made to him.
  Winthrop Yu: (09:41) +1 Jean-Jaques, visas have always been a problem
for some of us.
  Olévié: (09:43) +1 @Barrack
  Olévié: (09:44) African are really interested to participate in this
multistakeholderism process inside the ICANN
  Olévié: (09:45) Africans
  Ariel Liang: (09:46) @Jean-Jacques, do you want me to read out your
  Olévié: (09:46) we need more and more awarenesses amond the differents
stakeholders : governments, private sectors, civil societies, academies
and simple users
  Winthrop Yu: (09:49) Raising awareness of and interest in ICANN
(detailed work) is difficult locally. A local ALS will be attending to
many other Internet-related issues. Perhaps if ICANN (regional) were more
engaged at the local level on these other (non-ICANN) issues, this would
at least raise ICANN's profile within the local communities.
  Olévié: (09:51) +1 @Tijani
  Ariel Liang: (09:51) @Winthrop, would you like me to read out your
  Ariel Liang: (09:52) @Olevier, pls also let me know if you'd like me to
read your comment
  Winthrop Yu: (09:53) @Ariel, yes please.
  Ariel Liang: (09:53) okay will do Olevier and Winthrop
  Olévié: (09:57) Thank you david
  Ariel Liang: (10:00) Now we are agenda no.3 ALAC Strategy Going Forward
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (10:09) Alan, under this agenda item, I don't
know if the visa problem has been discussed. I request a few minutes to
present a proposal to ALAC, before speaking about it to any other part of
the ICANN community. This might be an interesting contribution from ALAC
to the discussion with the ICANN Chair.
  Winthrop Yu: (10:16) I happened to like that last SSAC webinar , but
then even local techies would not associate ICANN with security.
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (10:36) Alan, I would not like to spring a
surprise on the ALAC LT by making a proposal to Steve without having at
least said to you all in 3 minutes what it's about... But am prepared to
do that as well.
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (10:46) @Olivier +1.
  Ariel Liang: (11:02) @Murray - we notied that your hand is raised. Will
get you in the queue
  murrayay mckercher naralo: (11:03) thanks i am adigo and unmuted at my
  Ariel Liang: (11:04) thanks Murray. you are in the queue
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (11:05) I wish to speak, in presence of the
Board Chair, on the subject I presented to the ALAC earlier on.
  Ariel Liang: (11:08) @JJS - have relayed your msg to Alan via Skype. He
is not in the AC room unfortunately
  Winthrop Yu: (11:12) +1 Jean Jaques
  Winthrop Yu: (11:26) Korea is particuarly bad when it comes to visas
... in one instance it cost ICANN, in the other instance several reps had
to "jump through hoops" and failed, despite official originaitng
government (in my case PH) accreditation from the national government.
  Winthrop Yu: (11:28) Visa point -- support letters should be in the
language of the destination country and addressed to the consulate of the
destination country in the traveller's country.
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (11:47) Goodbye All!
  Ariel Liang: (11:52) thank you for joining us Jean-Jacques!
  Winthrop Yu: (11:57) re: ALS engagement -- even if someone from
ICANN-SG came to the Philippines and tried to explain the IANA transition
with a canned presentation to a lccal audience in 15 minutes, it simply
wouldn't work.  As an alternative - if a single ICANN person visited a
country and took 2 or 3 days to touch base with various stakeholders,
that would be much more effective.
  Dave Kissoondoyal: (12:01) Applause from here as well for Alan
  Dave Kissoondoyal: (12:02) Safe travels to all
  Ariel Liang: (12:06) Meeting is now ajourned. Thank you very much for
attending the meeting in person and remotely
  Ariel Liang: (12:06) See you in ICANN 54

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