17 August Discussion Notes

Participants: Wolf Ludwig, Annette Mühlberg, Yrjö Länsipuro, Christopher Wilkinson, Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Sébastien Bachollet, Heike Jensen, Rudi Vansnick, Manuel Schneider, Lutz Donnerhacke, Evan Leibovitch (NARALO)
Apologies: None
Staff: Matthias Langenegger

Review of the Summary Minutes and Action Items form 20 July 2010

The summary minutes were approved. There were no comments with regards to the action items.

Open Public Consultation:

Sébastien: We are awaiting next steps on the VI PDP, there is not currently an open public consultation on that. There will also soon be a GNSO/AC/GAC WG on MAPO to which we will participate.

Christopher: Where is the ALAC draft statement on the initial report on Vertical Integration?

Sébastien: it was sent to the list on Saturday and is available under: Standing Issues: https://st.icann.org/working-groups/index.cgi?alac_vertical_integration_comments

Update on EURALO Elections 2010 (Wolf)(5 mins)

Wolf: You have probably seen my email from over the weekend where I announced the opening of the nomination period for the open ALAC seat. I made a mistake with regards to the term limits and would like to apologize to Sebastien for that.

Annette: This was about the ALAC seat, correct?

Wolf: this is correct, we had a previous selection process for the NomCom seat. We had previous discussions on this and Olivier decided not to run for a second term. He would like to run for the ALAC seat. Yrjö was selected to the NomCom to replace Olivier.

Annette: whose term is ending?

Wolf: Patrick told me that he would like to step down after the Cartagena meeting, which means that we will also need to make a selection for his replacement. We had some preliminary discussions on this and came to the conclusion that Olivier would be a perfect candidate to join the ALAC. Since Olivier is currently in the NomCom he can not formally be selected for the ALAC before the AGM in Cartagena.

Annette: who is interested?

Wolf: we have Lutz and we are still waiting for the NomCom decision on who will be on ALAC from the EURALO region.

Olivier: Results could be published as early as next week but we don’t know when the decision will be made public and we (NomCom) have not been told how it will be made public.

Wolf: Lutz would still be a candidate for the regular seat. Another candidate that we were discussing was Sandra Hoferichter. Sandra already confirmed that she would be willing to be considered for this position.

Annette: what about you, Sebastien?

Sébastien: thanks for the question. This is a difficult issue because so many factors are unknown. I think there should be more women in EURALO. Gender balance is important and is an obligation in our bylaws. Another thought of mine was to spread the support received by ICANN among many different members. I support Sandra but I would be willing to continue depending of what will be decided in the next couple of weeks.

Rudi: sorry for being late. It looks like I cannot even be a candidate for the open ALAC seat because of country nationality limitations in the bylaws. This is very disappointing for me as Cartagena will be my final meeting.

Wolf: According to what I read on the wiki workspace there is indeed such a limitation.

Annette: this is too strict. We need to respect our bylaws but we also need to make it as easy as possible for our volunteers to participate.

Wolf: I think you are right, the bylaws should not prohibit consecutive terms of compatriots.

Christopher: In my point of view this bylaw provision is...

Rudi: I am still a ccNSO liaison but I don’t think I will be able to afford to go to Cartagena if I have to pay for it myself.

Sébastien: the Bylaw only applies to our own elected candidates. The historic reason was that there was a large majority of German ALS. The basic reason of this rule is to provide diversity in the EURALO represenation on the ALAC. The rules only apply to my position and Rudi could still apply for Patrick’s position once he announces that he will step down.

Wolf: I thought it was a good rule when it was decided. As Sebastien mentioned Rudi could still run for Patrick's position, this is not excluded.

Draft Agenda for Virtual GA in Vilnius

Annette: what is the deadline for modifications of the GA agenda?

Wolf: as outlined in my email, modifications will be accepted until shortly before the GA. We tried to include the most important issues. Among them are in- and out-reach activites which stem from the ALS survey in May. There will also be a discussion on bylaw amandements to formally include individual members. NARALO serve as an interesting example and could be adopted by EURALO. We will need a qualified quorum for bylaw amendments which we probably won't have. We can further discuss the agenda over the next three weeks.

Discuss possible EURALO Bylaw changes to include individual members

Rudi: does a bylaw modification need ICANN's approval (because of the MoU)?

Annette: IMO, this should not be necessary as we discussed this already when EURALO was founded. I would like to request staff to check that.

AI: Matthias will check whether it is necessary to get ICANN's approval for the inclusion of individual members into the EURALO bylaws.

Wolf: in my view an ICANN approval is not necessary as other RALOs already have those provisions in their operationg principles.

Wolf: I suggest that we remove agenda item 8 today.

Update on the At-Large Board Selection process

Wolf: According to the Board Selection process we can not nominate candidate

Olivier: I agree that the period is very short. The nomination process has SOIs at its core as does the NomCom process. The selection process is largely based on the NomCom selection process.

AI: Wolf will send the draft for the EURALO Board Director selection process petition call to the EURALO Board list and will update it according to the comments receive and send it to the EURALO list.

Annette: what about the EURALO Board election?

Wolf: we will pick this issue up before Vilnius.

Olivier: Evan is on the call and could give us a short update on the NARALO process for inclusion of unaffiliated members

Evan: hi!

Wolf: we are running late but we will include you in the disucssion and also would like to invite you to our GA in Vilnius.

AI: Wolf will send an invitation to Evan for the virtual EURALO GA

Sébastien: I suggest that we extend the ending of the Board terms to the close of the AGM to align it with the ALAC seats.

Wolf: thanks for the suggestions, we should discuss this.

Christopher: I am sure they will shortly extend the deadline for Board candidates submission. Possible extention to 6 September?

The meeting was then adjourned.

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