Participants: D Milhosevic, W Kleinwaechter, A Peake, B Drake, W Ludwig (Secretariat), V Bertola, S Bachollet
Staff: M Langenegger, N Ashton-Hart
Minutes taken by the Staff in the first instance

W Ludwig was the Chair of this meeting

(1) How to use EuroDIG (as one of our first chances) for Outreach?

The following Board members will participate at the EuroDig in Strassbourg:
A Muehlberg, W Ludwig, D Milhosevic, R Vasnick, B Drakes, W Kleinwaechter, S Bachollet (participation not yet confirmed)

The Staff will get in touch with W Ludwig regarding ICANN brochures and other written material. Additionally, Staff will draft a short descriptive document for EURALO including information on how to join.

(2) Preparation of the Cairo meeting and EURALO

A Peake asked if EURALO planned to submit contributions at the Cairo meeting.

W Ludwig noted that the preparations for the Cairo meeting among European At-Large members have mostly concentrated on the preparation meeting for the summit in Mexico.

(3) Participation of the European ALSes to the Summit in Mexico, February 09

W Ludwig noted that some responses to the Summit questionnaire from European ALSes were still missing. He will get in touch with the concerned ALSes.

A Peake noted that the lack of responses might have to do with the fact that some of the ALSes did not know enough about the Summit. He said that it might be useful to send out more information about it.

(4) Participation of European/EURALO/Board reps. In the various ICANN working groups

A discussion was held on how to improve regional participation and EURALO’s input in the policy process.

W Ludwig noted that he would liked to have more substantial debates on the EURALO discuss list such as the recent discussion on DNSSEC between Lutz Donnerhacke and Patrick Vande Walle.

S Bachollet added that there should be more regular EURALO teleconferences to assure an active regional involvement in the policy process. He will get in touch with Staff to find a suitable date for standing monthly teleconference starting after the Cairo meeting.

It was decided that a survey should be held among the European ALSes to find out what subjects they are particularly interested. The Staff noted that it was unlikely that such a survey could be held before the Cairo meeting but that it would certainly be possible to do it afterwards.

B Drakes noted that it would be helpful if Staff could adopt a more proactive role in coordinating the EURALO members interested in policy work. The Staff noted that they would certainly help in putting interested members from EURALO in contact with each other and with members from other RALOs.

The Secretary then concluded this meeting.

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