The obligation and requirement of ALAC members and liaisons are outlined in the ICANN Bylaws, ALAC Rules of Procedure and the ALAC Internal Rules of Procedure. You will find relevant extracts from these sources below.

In addition, the ALAC is in the process of revising the duties and obligations of ALAC members and liaisons. ass a consequence, those interested in a position on ALAC should carefully review the "Draft ALAC PD". Though this is not yet adopted - you can see the comments made about the draft text directly below it - it will give potential candidates a good sense of the direction that the redraft is taking: Draft ALAC PD

ICANN Bylaws

Article XI, Section 2, Paragraph 4j

The ALAC is also responsible, working in conjunction with the RALOs, for coordinating the following activities:

  • 1. Keeping the community of individual Internet users informed about the significant news from ICANN;
  • 2. Distributing (through posting or otherwise) an updated agenda, news about ICANN, and information about items in the ICANN policy-development process;
  • 3. Promoting outreach activities in the community of individual Internet users;
  • 4. Developing and maintaining on-going information and education programs, regarding ICANN and its work;
  • 5. Establishing an outreach strategy about ICANN issues in each RALO's Region;
  • 6. Making public, and analyzing, ICANN's proposed policies and its decisions and their (potential) regional impact and (potential) effect on individuals in the region;
  • 7. Offering Internet-based mechanisms that enable discussions among members of At-Large structures; and
  • 8. Establishing mechanisms and processes that enable two-way communication between members of At-Large Structures and those involved in ICANN decision-making, so interested individuals can share their views on pending ICANN issues.

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ALAC Rules of Procedures


  • 21.1 Delegates are expected to actively participate in all aspects of the Committee's work. This includes some qualitative commitments and quantitative requirements.
  • 21.2 The qualitative commitments are:
  • 21.3 Reading and commenting in the ALAC online forums;
  • 21.4 Following the ALS certification process and, if members, voting in accreditation votes;
  • 21.5 Participating in ALAC conference calls;
  • 21.6 Attending physical ALAC meetings (and/or, for liaisons, meetings of the bodies to which the person is liaison) at ICANN meetings;
  • 21.7 Providing feedback on any ICANN vs. At‐Large CommunityAt‐Large Community At‐Large Community matters/issues whenever asked to/needed;
  • 21.8 Serving as a liaison to the public.
  • 21.9 The quantitative requirements are:

> o If members, casting a vote (including abstention) in at least 3/4 of ALS accreditation votes; AND
> o Participating in at least 2/3 of the ALAC conference calls in any 6 month period; AND
> o Attending at least one physical ICANN meeting in any 9 month period; AND
> o Completing at least one feedback survey on At‐Large Community At‐Large Community At‐Large Community issues/matters in any 6 months period. The participation requirements set forth in this section shall be considered met if and only if the quantitative requirements stated in Rule 21.3 are met.

  • 21.10 For ordinary ALAC members, in case of failure to meet the requirements, the Chair will privately encourage the member to resign. If this does not happen by 14(fourteen) days from that communication, the Chair will formally notify the entity responsible for appointing the member, and a message MAY be copied to the public ALAC list, and ask that the appointment is immediately reconsidered.

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ALAC Internal Rules of Procedure


  • 2.5 Officers shall be freely chosen by the ALAC, according to the following criteria:
  • 2.6 They shall accept to serve on behalf of the AT LARGE COMMUNITY by acting for the good of the entire Committee, working to bridge differences and build consensus, but also recognizing difference and enabling different opinions to be shared;
  • 2.7 They shall accept, while acting in their capacity as an ALAC officer, to put the collective views of the Committee always in front of their own.

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  • 5.1 There is no requirement for a Liaison to be a member of the At‐Large Advisory Committee;
  • 5.2 A conflict of interest statement must be filed;
  • 5.3 A person may not serve two different liaison positions at the same time in;
  • 5.4 All liaisons can be removed before the end of their term by a vote of recall according to rule 11;
  • 5.5 All liaisons have a duty of performing their roles with diligence and loyalty to the Committee, and are bound to meet the minimum participation requirements set forth in Rule 21. In case of failure to do so, the Chair shall call a vote of recall.The mission and responsibilities of each Liaison of the ALAC are:
  • 5.6 To participate diligently in the meetings and activities of the body he/she is liaison to;
  • 5.7 To communicate and advocate the positions of the ALAC to such body;
  • 5.8 To report to the ALAC the current and upcoming activities of the body he/she is liaison to, as far as this is possible under the timing and confidentiality constraints of such body;
  • 5.9 When this is possible under such constraints, ask to the ALAC

(click here to download the full ALAC Internal Rules of Procedures (PDF))

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