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Public Forum

Time: 08:00 - 12:00
Location: Ballroom A/B (L3)

.precommented / raised questions during IRT and IDN discussions.

SIVASUBRAMANIAN MUTHUSAMY: All this argument about extending JPA
boxed onto improving institutional confidence, which is an ongoing
process, what is happening in this room is a clear indication that the
world can have faith in ICANN as an institution, and it's a process
that is further happening, continues to happen, and it's going to
happen for the next 10 years, 20 years, and it will happen forever, and
if – this is used as an argument to extend JPA. It could take
eternally and that could be used as an excuse.

So ICANN should positively say that – that U.S. government should
have faith in ICANN as an institution, and JPA should not be extended.
Thank you.
>>SIVASUBRAMANIAN MUTHUSAMY: I'm Sivasubramanian Muthusamy. I'm the
ALAC IDN liaison speaking as the liaison. I would support what he previous commenter has proposed, the IDN SO, before I go to my comment. That's a good idea. Right now I don't have a house to go to, and there is no forum there.
Therefore, IDN issues are discussed in concentration.

My comment relates to the character requirement. One of the
requirements relates to the number of characters. And there are
several drafts – Internet technical drafts underway which have gone
through several revisions. And none of the drafts point to any
difficulty in using a single character or a two-character CJK script.

And, technically, a single character CJK dot a single character CJK is
possible. Then why do we still tend to think of it as a technical
issue? That should be defined as a policy issue or a social issue.

And when we look at it as a social issue, we should take into
consideration the difficulties of 1.2 billion people or 1.3 people who
look at – look up the IDN and move on without unnecessarily debating
on policy grounds.

One of the points that came up that does not directly relate to domain
difficulties but the Unicode difficulties in China, 56 million people
are asked to change their names due to the difficulties and
restrictions on the CJK script.

There are similar issues when we talk about character requirements.
So let's consider it as a social issue and possibly make it possible to
move on. Thank you.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Okay, thank you.
( My remarks about the IDN SO suggestion should have waited for a discussion, if important, at ALAC. So I sent a mail to ICANN staff after posting a note in the session comment box:

With introduction as ALAC IDN liaison, this morning (June 25) at the public forum, during the IDN session, I made a comment in person at the forum, part of which I have requested to be deleted with the following message posted on the session comment box at forum

The reason for this request is explained, and please consider a part of this comment inadvertant and delete this if possible.

> With introduction as ALAC IDN liaison I raised a technical point on 3character requirement, and beyond what was intended I agreed with an IDN constituency suggestion by the previous commenter. This was spontaneous and unconsidered both by ALAC and me as an individual and the Board may please delete this. )

Also, submitted a General comment through the comment box read out during the seesion by Kieran McCarthy
Then I have – I really won't be able to pronounce his name so I'm
going to call him Sivasubramanian Muthusamy from ALAC. He says has
ICANN established a scientific system to accurately summarize
voluminous public inputs without bias, group them into positions for
and against, format and publish it transparently. And perhaps a voting
interface to gauge the levels – the acceptance levels of proposals and
provide feedback to the public on what is accepted.
This report does not cover my participation at ALAC sessions during 21-25 June. The discussions at various sessions pertaining to IDN are to be summarized in the liaison's report.
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At-Large Regional Secretariats Meeting

Time: 12:00 - 13:30

Action Items: ENGLISH

Audio Recording: ENGLISH

Workshop: Internet Governance

Time: 13:00 - 14:30
Location: Ballroom A/B (L3)
At-Large Delegates: CLO, Gareth, Adam, Vanda, Dev, Vivek, Hawa
Author: Siva, Gareth

Report Gareth:

Broader than the remit of ICANN
BROADLY BASED ISSUES - access, privacy, security etc.
sharing of opinions

The IGF was intended to be partly for capacity building.

There is a move to develop regional IGF organizations
multistatkeholder input is needed

it is important to involve parliamentarians

keep it a non decision making body

(Gareth Shearman)

Report Siva

SIVASUBRAMANIAN MUTHUSAMY: My name is Sivasubramanian Muthusamy.
IGF does not have powers to decide, not have the powers to recommend.
But at the same time, 2,000 or 3,000 brilliant minds to get together.
These are people committed to Internet and they spend three days
deliberating on various issues and there could be a way by which
session reports could be generated and positions of each stakeholder
could be classified and identified, grouped. And that could become
some kind of a reference paper. It could become a reference document
for governments which could – when it makes decisions, it could refer
to that paper, "This is the idea of paper on privacy. This is the idea
of paper on security and what we want to do is in conflict with this or
in agreement with this." And that could guide them and may not comfort
them, but it could be a very good reference paper that could give an
idea of what is happening in the real world.

Right now the decisions are taken by government, by businesses in
complete isolation of what is happening at the IGF and does not reflect
the mood of the IGF.

So this is something that can be proactively done by the IGF
Secretariat to prepare summaries, prepare position papers and report on
the mood of IGF. Thank you.

>>CHRIS DISSPAIN: Understood. Thank you.


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