This page provides pointers to documents thought useful to the community participating in the 30th International ICANN Meeting in Los Angeles. If you think a document should be listed that is not, don't hesitate to send an email to and we'll include it.


A key issue in Los Angeles will be the GNSO's agreed new process by which new generic top level domains may become a part of the worldwide root.

GNSO New GTLDs Full Report of 8 August 2007 (EN)

GNSO New GTLDs Summary

This summarises the full report and is an easier read. This document is a key working document of the workshop taking place in Los Angeles on 29th October from 1300 - 1900 PDT. Remote participation will be available as well as simultaneous interpretation; full details can be found here.


AL/2007/SD/7.Rev1 - Proposed New ALS Applications Handling and Interpretation Guide

The Board of Directors has been asked by the ALAC to recognise amendments to the current process by which ALS Applications are handled, and established a written process for evaluating applications in a standardised way.

The Board is to consider these changes, and an accompanying change to the Bylaws of ICANN, during the AGM meeting on the 1st November.

Policy Related


ALAC Statement on IDNs

This statement was approved in Los Angeles and presented to the Board of Directors on 30th October 2007.

ALAC Report to the Public Meeting

Domain Tasting

The Domain Tasting Ad-Hoc Working Group of the GNSO has provided a report of its work for consideration in Los Angeles. Spanish and French editions are being prepared and will be posted once finalised.

Outcomes Report of the GNSO Ad Hoc Group on Domain Tasting (EN) (ES) (FR)

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