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Date: Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2008 04:56:28 -0700
Business Owners & Managers,

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I have successfully gotten this message in front of you.


How many of your potential clients are you missing by not using web based advertising?

I will make this simple and to the point. I can get your message in front of an enormous audience for very little cost!


Our Offer:

  • A 1 million e-mail address deployment for $599.00.
  • Includes Targeted E-mail Database Rental
  • 100% Custom Ad or Use Your Own Ideas
  • Deployment Via Our Dedicated Outbound Servers
  • Tracking Report/ ClickThru Graphs and Exclusions Managed



Find out more by calling: 1 (888) 406-8880 Ext 120

We have proven that we can get our message through to you….Let us help get your message in front of your ideal audience.

Call me and let's do some business.

Jay Velazquez

Data Deployment Team

MMS Inc.

1-888-406-8880 Ext 120

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