Briefing Session on DNS Response modification

Meeting Number: AL.BRIEF/CC.0908/2

Date: Wednesday 17 September 2008

Time: 1300 UTC (For the time in various timezones click here)

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Staff: D Piscitello (Presenter), N Ashton-Hart, F Teboul, M Langenegger

Interpretation: French and Spanish

Audio Recording: English, Español, Français

Adobe Connect Session Recording:

This is a recording of the visual part of the presentation. To follow the presentation in real time, please listen to the audio file simultaneously.


Dave Piscitello, Senior Security Technologist at ICANN and ICANN Staff member supporting the work of the Security and Stability Avisory Committee will give a presentation on DNS Response Modification from a user perspective. Following the presentation there will an opportunity to ask questions.

Powerpoint Presentation: English

Background Information: English, Français ,Español

Reference Material:

SSAC Advisory on DNS Response Modification: ENGLISH, FRANCAIS, ESPANOL(PDF)

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