At-Large Regional Secretariats Meeting

First Session

Date: 28 October 2007

Time: 1600 UTC / 0900 PDT - 0130 UTC+1 day / 1830 PDT (for the time in various timezones click here)

Interpretation: None

Location: Newport B

Summary Minutes: Meeting Summary 28 October 2007 SC


Agenda is in draft form until adopted by the Meeting.
Documents are linked for download next to the agenda items they belong to where available.

  1. Priorities of each RALO for the next year ("the Vision Thing")
  2. Efforts to Improve Internet End-User Engagement with ICANN Issues
  3. Discussion on Face-to-Face Meetings and Community Engagement (includes Summit idea)

11:00 - 12:00

Guests: Paul Levins (Vice-President and Executive Officer) and Kieren McCarthy (General Manager, Public Participation)

Paul and Kieren will be available to discuss the informational needs of the At-Large community, the kinds of information which is needed, the mechanisms of dissemination, and any other issues the Secretariats would see as important in respect of informing the individual Internet user community about the work of ICANN and how it impacts them. (Agenda Item 2)

13:00 - 14:00

Guests: Denise Michel (Vice-President for Policy Development) and Liz Gasster (Senior Policy Officer)

Denise and Liz will join the Secretariats to discuss Agenda Item 2 in respect of the public consultation process and understand the Secretariats' ideas on how this process could be made more attractive to the Internet end user community.

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