ALAC Monthly Teleconference for December 2007

Date: 11 December 2007

Time: 1330 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

Summary Minutes: Meeting Summary 11 December 2007

Action Items: Action Items 11 December 2007

Transcription: (MSWord - EN) (OpenOffice - EN)

Recording: 36MB MP3


Agenda is in draft form until adopted by the Committee.
Documents are linked for download next to the agenda items they belong to where available.

Members are requested to refrain from inserting explanatory text next to the agenda item in the interests of readability. If you could simply create a new page and insert the link to that page next to the item in question, that would be most helpful

Standing Agenda Items

  1. Adoption of the Agenda – 1 min
  2. Roll Call Apologies from Members (if any) - 1 min
  3. Adoption of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting - 5 mins (Note the meeting on Oct 9th could not ratify the minutes from the Sept 11th Meeting and these minutes also need Adoption at this meeting)
  4. Review of Action Items of the Previous Meeting - 8 mins
  5. Review of current status of ALS applications - 5 mins

Regional Activities

In the interests of time, Members are requested to add only items relating to regional activities for which ALAC action is needed to the 'New Business' section of the agenda. Other matters of should be discussed on-list intercessionally.

Liaison & Other Reports

In the interests of time, Members are reminded of the Committee's resolution to converse on the reports of liaisons, Chair, and Staff online.

Report of the Staff for November 2007

Report of the IDN Liaison

Report of the ccNSO Liaison

Report of the Board Liaison

Policy Matters

Members are reminded to take note of the open public consultations. Please see for the current list

Note by the Chair: We need to apply our recently adopted processes to the following:

  1. New gTLDS
  2. IDNs
  3. RAA Review
  4. WHOIS Services
  5. IPv4 Depletion - IPv6 Transition

Note of the Staff: In connection with these matters, Members are advised to review ALAC Members & Other Officers

Other Matters From Previous Meetings

  1. Working Practices of the Committee
    1. Use of alac-internal and public alac lists for working
    • Motion proposed by Alan Greenberg; seconded by Robert Guerra:-

>> "That ALAC conduct any internal discussion on Policy related matters, on a list that is publicly archived and available for all to see."

> Other aspects
>> Work Planning and identification of issues - Someone to take the lead on watching the ICANN Web site; Also mechanism for calls for ad-hoc WG's and announcements to other lists... Work plan tracking also fits in here...
>> Communication matters, (internal to ALAC and external) this matter includes review / and renewal of our Web site, including collaboration tools and to meet the needs of our identified outreach and education outcomes discussed in LA; as well as blogs; work planning, asset allocation, lead selection reporting mechanisms and job tracking

  1. ICANN Los Angeles Summary of At-Large Community Activities
  2. Officer and Liaison Elections / Appointments
    1. Commitments Sorted by ALAC Member: Commitments of ALAC Members
    2. Commitments Sorted by Post / Working Group: ALAC Members & Other Officers

New Business / Any Other Business

3. New Policy Matters

i) Inter Registry Transfer Policy (closed Dec 7th)

ii) single-letter domain names (closes Dec 15th)

iii)Research Opportunities for Discussion or Advisory Paper development.

> Various aspects of Domain Name Industry behaviour (as it relates to various ICANN Policies and Policies under review or being developed) could be used as a basis of Pro-Active work to be done by the At-Large Community supported or facilitated by ALAC.

Some examples of this currently would include:

> Research on Aspects of WhoIs
> Research on Domain Name Renewals and or Transfers.

4. Planning for New Delhi Meeting

i) Travel arrangements including Visa requirements, flights (booking EARLY) for ALAC, and accommodation 'issues'.

ii) Planning Sub Committee and Agenda preparation.

5. In-service training and review of New Web page / services and use of collaboration tools... How Who and When...

Action Items of Secretariats from LA Meeting

Remote Participation Details


11-Dec-2007 (Tuesday)




1.5 hrs









USA: Toll-Free (North America Only): +1 (800) 550-6865 / USA Toll: +1 (213) 233-3193

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