Discussion Notes 10 June 2010

Participants: Wolf Ludwig, Tijani Ben Jemaa, Darlene Thompson, Dev Annand, Pavan Budhrani, Sylvia Herlein Leite
Staff: Matthias Langenegger

Dev: I would like to present one slide per question during the presentation in Brussels

Tijani: with regards to Q4 I don't think we can calculate anything more. We should just give a short summary in writing.

Pavan: In APRALO, many of the answers were under "others"

Tijani: We should all work on the same template to make sure it's congruent

Pavan: I will update the APRALO presentation with the additional info by Monday

Wolf: I used the first version of the template and tried to summarize as much as possible.

Wolf then ran through his presentation (see https://st.icann.org/data/workspaces/alac/attachments/als_survey_analysis_10_june_2010:20100610162733-0-27900/original/ALS_Survey_2010_EURALO.ppt)

Dev: The EURALO logo should be on every slide for constituency

Darlene: do we have to use the template or can we use pie chart

Tijani: we need to agree on a common template to make it easier for people to compare

AI: Darlene and Pavan will change the pie charts in their presentation to bar charts.

Dev: There should be the ICANN At-Large Logo should be in the upper left corner, Brussels logo on lower right and the name of the RALO on the top of each slide. Underneath the RALO should be heading of the question. Personally, I am comfortable if not all presentations use charts.

Tijani: I suggest that Sylvia will present for LACRALO and Dev will do the global presentation.

The regional presentation will be done by alphabetical order

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