1Cyber Invasion LtdCyber Invasion Ltd Comment.pdf
2InfoInfo Comment.pdf
3Just Net CoalitionRichard Hill Comment on behalf of Just Net Coalition.pdf
4InficronINFICRON comments.pdf
5Jeff EshomJeff Eshom Comment.pdf
6Heritage Foundation 1Heritage Foundation Comment.pdf
_Heritage Foundation 2Heritage Foundation Additional Comment.pdf
7Jacob MalthouseJacob Malthouse Comment (1).pdf
8ccTLD Australia (auDA).au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) Comment.pdf
9AFRALO (African Regional At-Large Organization)African Regional At Large Organisation (AFRALO) Comments.pdf
10ccTLD United Kingdom (Nominet)Nominet Comments.pdf
11CFA (Consumer Federation of America) Consumer Federation of America (CFA) Comments.pdf
12Dot Latindot Latin Comment.pdf
13Public KnowledgePublic Knowledge Comments.pdf
14ELIG ELIG, Attorneys-at-Law Comments.pdf
15William Currie (CCWG Advisor)Willie Currie Comments.pdf
16DynDyn Comments.pdf
17IAB (Internet Architecture Board)IAB Comments.pdf
18Brian CarpenterBrian E Carpenter Comments.pdf
19CENTR (European Association of National Internet Domain Registries)CENTR (European Association of National Internet Domain Registries) Comments.pdf
20ccTLD Norway (Norid) NORID Comment.pdf
21Government of FranceGovernment of France Comments.pdf
22UK Children's CharitiesUK Children's Charities' Coalition on Internet Safety Comments.pdf
23Government of New ZealandGovernment of New Zealand Comment.pdf
24ccTLD Canada (CIRA)CIRA Comment.pdf
25Government of AustraliaGovernment of Australia Comment.pdf
26JPNIC (Japan Network Information Center)Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) Comment.pdf
27Luis HechtLuis Hecht Comment.pdf
28Linda BreuckerLinda Breucker Comments.pdf
29ISPCP (Internet Services Provider and Connectivity Provider Constituency)Internet Service Provider and Connectivity Provider (ISPCP) Comment.pdf
30Government of GermanyGovernment of Germany Comment.pdf
31eNACSO EU Project (European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online)European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online (eNACSO) Comments.pdf
32IT Law Institute - IstanbulIT Law Institute _ Istanbul Comments.pdf
33Government of SpainGovernment of Spain Comment.pdf
34ALAC (At-Large Advisory Committee)At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) Comments.pdf
35GoogleGoogle Comment.pdf
36KIGA (Korea Internet Governance Alliance)Korea Internet Governance Alliance (KIGA) Comment.pdf
37INTA (International Trademark Association)International Trademark Association (INTA) Comment.pdf
38Erman Öncel - Partnership IstanbulErman Öncel - Partnership Istanbul Comment.pdf
39Internet AssociationInternet Association Comment.pdf
40eco Association of the Internet Industryeco Association Comment.pdf
41SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association)Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Comment.pdf
42USCIB (US Council on International Business)U.S. Council for International Business (USCIB) Comment.pdf
43US Chamber of CommerceUS Chamber of Commerce Comment.pdf
44ccTLD New Zealand (Internet NZ)InternetNZ Comment.pdf
45ICANN Board - Summary of InputSummary of Board Input.pdf
_ICANN Board - Comments MatrixComments Matrix and Notes on Proposed Elements.pdf
_ICANN Board - Memo on Proposed Approach for Community EnforceabilityMemo on Proposed Approach for Community Enforceability.pdf
_ICANN Board - Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions Regarding Approach for Community Enforceability.pdf
_ICANN Board - Preliminary CommentsBoard Preliminary Comments.pdf
_ICANN Board - Submission of Jones Day Impact AnalysisICANN Board Submission of Jones Day Impact Analysis.pdf
46Graham SchreiberGraham Schreiber Comments.pdf
47MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America)Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) Comment.pdf
48Frank SimonsFrank Simons Comments.pdf
49i2Coalition (Internet Infrastructure Coalition)Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) Comments
50Jan Scholte (CCWG Advisor)Jan Aart Scholte Comments.pdf
51CCAOI (Cyber Cafe Association of India)Cyber Cafe Association of India (CCAOI ) Comments.pdf
52Government of IndiaGovernment of India Comments.pdf
53Government of ArgentinaGovernment of Argentina Comments.pdf
54NCSG (Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group)Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG) Comments.pdf
55ccTLD France (Afnic)Afnic Comments.pdf
56Government of ItalyGovernment of Italy Comments.pdf
57CWG-StewardshipCWG IANA Stewardship Comments.pdf
58NRO (Number Resource Organization)Number Resource Organisation (NRO) Comments.pdf
59IGP (Internet Governance Project)Internet Governance Project (IGP) Comment.pdf
60LINX (London Internet Exchange)London Internet Exchange (LINX) Comments.pdf
61CDT (Center for Democracy and Technology)Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) Comments.pdf
62COA (Coalition for Online Accountability)Coalition for Online Accountability (COA) Comments.pdf
63Francis HopkinsonFrancis Hopkinson Comments.pdf
64BC (Business Constituency)Business Constituency (BC) Comments.pdf
65Christopher Wilkinson 1Christopher Wilkinson Comments.pdf
_Christopher Wilkinson 2Christopher Wilkinson Additional Comments.pdf
66Government of the United KingdomGovernment of United Kingdom Comments.pdf
67Government of NorwayNorwegian Communications Authority Comments.pdf
68IFPI & RIAA (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry & Recording Industry Association of America) (IFPI) and (RIAA) Comments.pdf
69GAC (Governmental Advisory Committee)Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) Comments.pdf
70RySG (Registries Stakeholder Group)Registries Stakeholder Group (RySG) Comments.pdf
71CCG-NULD (Centre for Communication Governance National Law University Delhi)Centre for Communication Governance _ (CCG) Comments.pdf
72John KlensinJohn C Klensin Comment.pdf
73Garth BruenGarth Bruen Comment.pdf
74Avri Doria (endorsed by Joy Liddicoat & Timothy McGinnis)Avri Doria (endorsed by Joy Liddicoat & Timothy McGinnis) Comment.pdf
75ITI (Information Technology Industry Council)Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) Comment.pdf
76Carolina Aguerre & Eduardo SantoyoCarolina Aguerre and Eduardo Santoyo Comment.pdf
77Government of KuwaitGovernment of Kuwait Comments.pdf
78Centre for Internet & SocietyCentre for Internet & Society Comment.pdf
79Nell Minow (CCWG Advisor)Nell Minow Comment.pdf
80Giacomo MazzoneGiacomo Mazzone Comments (combined).pdf
81KMC & Ping (Karsten Manufacturing Corporation & Ping Registry Provider, Inc.)KMC & Ping (Karsten Manufacturing Corporation & Ping Registry Provider, Inc.) Comments.pdf
82John PooleJohn Poole Comment.pdf
83Government of EgyptGovernment of Egypt Comment.pdf
84IPC (Intellectual Property Constituency)Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC) Comment.pdf
85Lee Andrew Bygrave (CCWG Advisor)Lee Andrew Bygrave Comment.pdf
86Government of BrazilGovernment of Brazil Comment.pdf
87Edward MorrisEdward Morris Comment.pdf
88IntelIntel Corporation Comments .pdf
89Government of DenmarkGovernment of Denmark Comment.pdf
90CONAC (China Organizational Name Administration Center)CONAC Comments (in ZH).pdf
_EN translationCONAC Comments (in EN).pdf
91CAICT (China Academy of Information and Communication Technology)CAICT Comments (in ZH).pdf
_EN translationCAICT Comments (IN EN).pdf
92Richard HillRichard Hill comment
93SSACSSAC Comments

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