The CCWG-Accountability will hold a face-to-face meeting in March 2015 to align with its deliverables.  

Dates: 23-24 March 2015 (two full working days)

Venue: Hilton İstanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center


  • Approved arrival is Sunday 22 March with departure on Wednesday 25 March.
  • ICANN will offer travel support to the CCWG-Accountability members and the three liaisons in the CCWG: Kavouss Arasteh and Keith Drazek, who are the ICG-designated liaisons, and Avri Doria, who is the ATRT Expert. While these three liaisons are participants, they play an essential role in the work of the CCWG, representing related processes that affect, and will be affected, by the output of the CCWG. 
  • The meeting is open to anyone in the CCWG-Accountability (participants and mailing list observers) who wishes to attend in person (at their own expense).  
  • The deadline for confirmation of all in-person attendance is Monday, 2 March. 
  • Advisors are also eligible for ICANN funding should they attend the meeting.
  • Alternates will be eligible for travel funding if and only if they are a current participant of the CCWG-Accountability and approved by their SO/AC to serve as an alternate.
  • The meeting will be live through Adobe Connect and include remote participation capabilities consistent with the CCWG-Accountability meetings to date. The meeting will be recorded and transcribed.

In-Person Attendees: 

listed in order confirmed



  1. Olga Cavalli (GAC)
  2. James Bladel (GNSO)
  3. León Sanchez (ALAC)
  4. Sébastien Bachollet (ALAC)
  5. Tijani Ben Jemaa (ALAC)
  6. Jordan Carter (ccNSO)
  7. Samantha Eisner (Staff Representative) – cancelled
  8. Roelof Meijer (ccNSO)
  9. Giovanni Seppia (ccNSO) – did not attend
  10. Alan Greenberg (ALAC)
  11. Pär Brumark (GAC)
  12. Alice Munyua (GAC)
  13. Steve Del Bianco (GNSO)
  14. Becky Burr (GNSO)
  15. Thomas Rickert (GNSO)
  16. Mathieu Weill (ccNSO)
  17. Robin Gross (GNSO) – Remote participation 
  18. Izumi Okutani (ASO)
  19. Eberhard Lisse (ccNSO)
  20. Cheryl Langdon-Orr (ALAC)
  21. Athina Fragkouli (ASO)
  22. Tracy Hackshaw (GAC) – alternate
  23. Fiona Asonga (ASO)
  24. Finn Petersen (GAC) – alternate
  25. James Gannon (GNSO) – alternate 

Bruce Tonkin (Board Liaison) and Jorge Villa (ASO) send their apologies for the meeting. 



  1. Sabine Meyer (participant)
  2. Chris Disspain (participant)
  3. Markus Kummer (participant)
  4. Avri Doria (ATRT expert)
  5. Martin Boyle (participant)
  6. Keith Drazek (ICG liaison)
  7. Matthew Shears (participant)
  8. Pedro Ivo Ferraz Da Silva (participant)
  9. Malcolm Hutty (participant)
  10. Paul Rosenzweig (participant)
  11. Jonathan Zuck (participant)
  12. Chris LaHatte (participant)
  13. Cristofer Granillo (observer)
  14. Edward Morris (participant)
  15. Arun Sukumar (participant)
  16. Thomas Schneider (participant)
  17. Jorge Cancio (participant)
  18. Konstantinos Komaitis (observer)
  19. Mark Carvell (participant)
  20. Erika Mann (participant)


  1. Jan Scholte
  2. Lee Bygrave 
  3. Valerie D'Costa
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