Action Items:

  1. Berry/Michael - 13 DEC - Complete 2nd draft of RAP WHOIS Access Recommendation response to GNSO Council
  2. Michael/Berry - 13 DEC - Meet with Rafik to brief him on sub-team#1 kick-off and meeting logistics
  3. WSWG - 19 DEC - Review SAC051 WHOIS Taxonomy for use in WSWG Survey
  4. Sub-Team Chairs - 19 DEC - Review sub-team resource pool and assess against work product demands to provide status at next meeting
  5. Liz - 19 DEC - Assess ICANN Staff resource availability for initial draft of survey
  6. Survey Tool Sub-Team - 19 DEC - Size survey tool requirements for estimating cost & funding request to GNSO Council & compare against Google Docs/Alternative survey tool (Wilson)
  7. Berry - 19 DEC - Produce 2012 Draft Meeting schedule

WHOIS Survey Drafting Team recording 10 November 2011 at 18:00 UTC

Please find the MP3 recording of the WHOIS Survey working group teleconference held on Monday 05 December 2011 at 2000 UTC at:

On page:

The recordings and transcriptions of the calls are posted on the GNSO Master Calendar page:

Susan Prosser - RrSG

Elisa Cooper - BC

Wilson Abigaba - .ug ccTLD registrar

Michael Young - Individual

Don Blumenthal – Ry

Steve Metalitz - IPC

Wendy Seltzer - ALAC

Taki Skiadas for Kevin Suh


Liz Gasster

Berry Cobb

Nathalie Peregrine


Anne Naffziger – IPC

Avri Doria - NCSG

Rafik Dammak - NCUC

Cintra Sooknanan - ALAC

Mailing list archives:

Wiki page:

Information on WHOIS can be found on page


Chat Transcript

Berry Cobb: Welcome to the 12/5 WSWG Call.

Taki For Kevin Suh: The email I recieved for this meeting did not have a dial-in number. Does anyone have it?

Nathalie  Peregrine: Where are you based Taki, I'll get you the number?

Taki For Kevin Suh: The MPAA offices in Los Angeles

Berry Cobb: Can everyone see the agenda?

Nathalie  Peregrine: Dial in number: 1-517-345-9004           pw; WHOIS

Taki For Kevin Suh: I am now on. Thank you.

Wendy Seltzer: motions are just about always delayed, lately...

Wilson Abigaba: I am sorry. I have just managed to Join the call via phone. cellphone issues

Wendy Seltzer: What about a "snowball" study? Start small and snowball out?

Berry Cobb: Hi Wilson, can you hear us on phone?

Wilson Abigaba: hey, my phone quality is a bit unclear

Wilson Abigaba: but am trying to listen in

Wilson Abigaba: I have read my sub group's requirement and will listen in to the call recording again.

Wilson Abigaba: I do not think we shall need to have a budget for the survey tool. Before 12/19 (the next meeting), I will send you a sample survey using Google docs and another alternative survey tool

Wilson Abigaba: both of these will be free, so we shall review and make a decision then

Wilson Abigaba: I am hopeful that we wont need a budget

Wilson Abigaba: Thanks everyone!

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