The WS2-Implementation (WS2-IT) comprises former CCWG-Accountability members and participants. The WS2-IT provides input/advice on any WS2 recommendation and implementation matter as reasonably solicited by org and is available to a resource for the community organizations in charge of implementation, as desired. The WS2-IT can report to the Board any WS2 implementation matter it deems relevant for the Board to know and, as appropriate, to act on.

Composition of the WS2-IT:

  1. Avri Doria
  2. Cheryl Langdon-Orr
  3. Farzaneh Badii
  4. Fiona Asonga
  5. Greg Shatan
  6. Jordan Carter
  7. Lori Schulman
  8. Michael Karanicolas
  9. Niels ten Oever
  10. Rafik Dammak
  11. Sebastien Bachollet
  12. Steve DelBianco
  13. Thomas Rickert
  14. Tijani Ben Jemaa

Mailing-list archives: 

ICANN org delivers quarterly updates to the WS2-IT and as of Q2 2022 delivers written update on a monthly basis.  

ICANN org support

  • Giovanni Seppia
  • Alice Jansen
  • Xavier Calvez
  • Yvette Guigneaux
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