In agreement with the leaders of the SO/AC Chartering Organizations and the co-chairs of the CCWG, the Project Cost Support Team (PCST) was set up as a support function to the CCWG co-chairs for cost management purposes.

The PCST supports the project planning, providing costs information and analysis, and  supporting forecasting.

The PCST also produces monthly reporting of the entire project’s expenses:

  • to the CCWG co-chairs to support their management of the project: the expenses under their responsibility
  • to the chartering Organization and to the public for transparency and accountability: all expenses of the project.

PCST Members

  • Bernard Turcotte (Team Leader and Project Planner)
  • Becky Nash (Financial Planner)
  • Teresa Elias (Legal Planner)
  • Nathalie Vergnolle (Project Coordinator)

PCST Reports



October 2017 Report


September 2017 Report


August 2017 Report


July 2017 Report


FY18 BudgetWS2 FY18 budget.pdf


June 2017 Report


May 2017 Report


April 2017 Report


March 2017 Report
  February 2017 Report
  January 2017 Report
 December 2016 Report
 November 2016 Report
 October 2016 Report
 September 2016 Report

 FY17 BudgetPCST FY17 Budget

Travel Support HERE


Other Documents

 CCWG Budget OwnershipCCWG - Budget ownership
 PCS Cost Estimate for the Transition ProjectPCST Cost Estimates for the Transition Project - 20Jun16 v1.0


 Motion-GNSO Validation of CCWG ACCT Budget Request

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