The call for the Transfer Policy Review PDP Working Group will take place on Tuesday, 26 September 2023 at 16:00 UTC for 90 minutes.

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  1. Welcome and Chair updates
  2. Continue discussion of Charter Question i1 (Full Portfolio Transfers AKA Bulk Transfers) and Charter Question i2 (Change of Sponsorship AKA Partial Bulk Transfers)
  •  Review Survey [] Responses re: Draft Options
    • o    Remove the reference to fees entirely
    • o    Remove price ceiling (but allow for reasonable fee)
    • o    Retain price ceiling + Include language for apportionment of fees
    • o    Remove price ceiling + algorithm based on number of names transferred
    • o    Other?

    • i2) Should the scope of voluntary bulk transfers, including partial bulk transfers, be expanded and/or made uniform across all registry operators? If so, what types of rules and

considerations should govern voluntary bulk transfers and partial bulk transfers?


Should proposed BTAPPA updates apply to: 

  1. all registry operators (via an update to the Transfer Policy),


       2.all registry operators who offer the BTAPPA (via recommended updates to the BTAPPA)




Apologies: Sarah Wyld (RrSG), Richard Wilhelm (RySG)

Alternates: Rich Brown (RrSG), Carolyn Mitchell (RySG)



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