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About the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Operational Design Phase

On 18 February 2021, the Generic Name Support Organization (GNSO) Council voted to approve the New Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process Final Report (the "Final Report"). The Final Report contains Affirmations, Recommendations, and Implementation Guidance (collectively referred to as "Outputs"). On 24 March 2021, following the approval of the Final Recommendations, the GNSO Council transmitted its Recommendations Report to the ICANN Board.

The Final Report Outputs concern complex operational requirements, and the Board will benefit from further due diligence to evaluate the impact of implementing the Final Report Outputs. Therefore, on 12 September 2021 the ICANN Board directed the ICANN President and CEO to organize the resources required to begin work on the ODP, and to advise the Board when the work of the ODP is initiated within the organization.

The ODP's purpose is to facilitate the Board's determination whether the Outputs contained in the Final Report are in the best interest of the ICANN community or ICANN, in accordance with the ICANN Bylaws.

As per the Subsequent Procedures Scoping Document, the ODP, conducted by ICANN org, will assess the potential risks, anticipated costs, resource requirements, timelines, dependencies, interaction with the Global Public Interest Framework that is currently being piloted, and other matters related to implementation of the Outputs included in the Final Report. In doing so, the ODP will produce an Operational Design Assessment (ODA) that will be delivered to the Board for its consideration alongside the Final Report Outputs, public comment on the Final Report Outputs, and any other relevant materials.

The Board has requested the ODA be delivered within ten months from the date of initiation, provided that there are no unforeseen matters that could affect the timeline.

The ODP is a transparent process and ICANN community engagement plays an important role. To follow ICANN org's work on the ODP for New gTLD Subsequent Procedures, please see the Work Products section of this webpage. To enquire about opportunities for community feedback please see the Engage section of this webpage.

To review ICANN's Operational Design Phase Process Paper, or to learn more about the overall process, click here.

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