The role of Implementation Shepherds is to be the first contact for any questions or clarifications the Board seeks as it considers the recommendations, and ICANN org seeks once the implementation is underway. Examples of information and clarification that can be sought from Implementation Shepherds include items such as the SSR2's intent behind its recommendations; SSR2's rationale for recommendations; facts that led the SSR2 to certain conclusions; the envisioned implementation timeline; and metrics related to the measure of implementation success. 

The following SSR2 members are implementation shepherds:

  • Kerry-Ann Barrett
  • KC Claffy
  • Russ Housley
  • Laurin Weissinger

Mailing list address:

Mailing list archives:


Date of CallName of CallRecordingTranscript
7 July 2021SSR2 Board Caucus Group Meeting with the Implementation ShepherdsZoom replay
29 July 2021 (cancelled)SSR2 Board Caucus Group Meeting with the Implementation Shepherds N/AN/A
29 September 2021SSR2 Caucus Group Meeting with Implementation Shepherds

Zoom replay

Passcode: FH3Qc?tC.Q

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