Session Information:

Date: 31 October 2017

Time: 04:30 - 04:55 UTC (time converter)



Slides: SSR2 Outreach October 2017


  • What is the background to the Board letter and next steps?
  • It’s something that should go to the community. There seems to be alot of emphasis on inaccurate WHOIS information/registrar compliance...things I’d expect to be part of the WHOIS review team. I have some concerns of going into those areas because I don’t know why we’d look at that from an SSR standpoint. I think more of infrastructure within ICANN/IANA. DNS Abuse I can make a case for being under SSR. I don’t believe that WHOIS abuse is equivalent for DNS abuse. There was a data request that focused on WHOIS inaccuracies and all the data behind that. Maybe because that letter focused alot on it I thought it was a big emphasis.
  • Board letter notes in correspondence that it has scope concerns. I want to note that the scope is outlined in the Bylaws. I don’t think the team is colouring outside the lines. I’d like more context around the suggestion that SSR2 is outside its scope.
  • We as the community have new responsibilities after IANA transition. SO/ACs are responsible for appointing nominees to the RT.
  • Why did you ask for information on all information security of ICANN org. that was not related to iana functions.

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