Session Information:

Date: 31 October 2017

Time: 12:25 - 12:55 UTC (time converter)



Slides:  SSR2 Outreach October 2017


  • Please tell us what you know about the suspension.
  • How fast was the ‘unilateral’ move?
  • Heard complaints from within the team that things weren’t moving forward. Can you give us concrete concerns of the SSAC?
  • I heard from team members that remit was inactively debated and sometimes suppressed by external parties.
  • Email from Kaveh points out the issues from the Board’s perspective.
  • Do we have procedures when things appear to be going off the rails or there is a lack of conceptual clarity on what we’re about. I can see having the same problems with RDS down the road. We had similar problems a couple of years ago on the issue of whether something is a PDP or and IRT.
  • What are some of the weaknesses that your team had...and what are you willing to work on if you were to resume? What would be the ideal process for the Board to deal with this issue? What did you provide in your response to the October Board letter?
  • We would be concerned about a not-functioning RT and also an arbitrary action from the Board to pull the rug out from under the RT. 

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