Session Information:

Date: 29 October 2017

Time: 15:30 - 16:00 UTC (time converter)



Slides:  SSR2 Outreach October 2017


  • Look at KSK rollover - it is important
  • What are your thoughts on the review’s timeline
  • Who was/does exist in a region - you can get that data but consistency is a real issue. Standardized formatting is a real issue.
  • Two relationships with ICANN - 1) IANA function - 2) Role as ASO. The SSR should focus on IANA functions as other bits don’t seem to have interesting security issues. For IANA functions, everything is already published. We could do a better job of helping people following the trail IANA allocated to, transferred to etc.
  • Contract with RIRs needs to be reavaluated every 5 years - we get monthly reports from PTI. IF you want to look at that efficiency or accuracy it would make sense.

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