ASP IRT Sub-Track Roles & Responsibilities: Process

  1. ASP team drafts ASP Handbook language taking into account the SubPro Final Report recommendations and applicable implementation guidance.
  2. ASP team circulates draft ASP Handbook language to ASP IRT Sub-Track Members.

  3. The ASP IRT Sub-Track reviews the ASP Handbook language (first reading). This step may take place over several calls.
    1. The role of the ASP IRT Sub-Track review is to ensure that the draft ASP Handbook language aligns with the SubPro Final Report recommendations; it is not a forum for opening or revisiting policy discussions.
    2. The ASP IRT Sub-Track discusses the ASP Handbook language in detail, with the opportunity to ask questions, comment on documents and provide feedback on calls and on-list.
    3. ASP team incorporates input as appropriate.
  4. ASP team circulates the updated ASP Handbook language to the ASP IRT Sub-Track (second reading) for awareness/confirmation that feedback was properly incorporated.
  5. Once the draft ASP Handbook language is finalized following input from the ASP IRT Sub-Track, the ASP team presents the final draft ASP Handbook language to the full IRT.
    1. The role of the full IRT meeting is to inform the broader group. For expediency's sake, issues that were discussed in the ASP IRT Sub-Track will not be revisited by the full IRT.


Background Materials

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