The Special Interest Forums on Technology (abbreviated as "SIFT") is an initiative for interactive discussion and knowledge sharing on technical topics relevant to the DNS or the Internet's system of unique identifiers. It is a home for informal discussion within the ICANN ecosystem to openly discuss emerging technical topics to help keep engaged parties aware of new technology trends and their potential impact on the ICANN mission. While SIFTs are not part of ICANN's community-driven policy development process, SIFTs can help inform such policy work.

SIFT Objectives

The generalized goals of a SIFT are:

  • Knowledge sharing between and among participants on the evolution of Internet identifier technologies.
  • Providing informational presentations (to ICANN staff, ICANN leadership, and/or the ICANN community) on newly-emerging topics that are relevant to ICANN.

Who can join a SIFT?

Anyone can join a SIFT! You can sign-up to join a mailing list and jump into the discussion at any time.

The general email list archives can be found here.

Active Thematic SIFTs

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