Drafting Team MemberAffiliation
1Al Bolivar (Registry)Verisign
2Alan Woods (Registry)Donuts
3Alister Winfield (Registry)Sky
4Artthwawit Hung (GAC/PSWG)ThaiCERT
5Ashish Luthra (Registry)Afilias
6Becky Burr (Registry)Neustar
7Beth Bacon (Registry)Public Interest Registry
8Bret Fausett (Registry)Uniregistry
9Brian Cimbolic (Registry)Public Interest Registry
10Catherin Bauer-Bulst (GAC/PSWG)EU Commission
11Cathy Goulding (Registry)Nominet UK
12Chris Klein (Registry)


13Chris Wright (Registry)AU Registry
14Crystal Ondo (Registry)Donuts
15Dennis Rhee (Registry)CSC Global
16Dietmar Lenden (Registry)Valideus
17Donna Austin (Registry)Neustar
18Elaine Pruis (Registry)Donuts
19Ezequiel Salias (GAC/PSWG)BA Metropolitan Police
20Francisco Obispo (Registry)Uniregistry
21Frank Reyes (Registry)Uniregistry
22Frank Scalzo (Registry)Verisign
23Gretchen Olive (Registry)CSC Global
24Hugh Dixon (Registry)Sky
25Iranga Kahangama (GAC/PSWG)FBI
26JC Vignes (Registry)NCC Group
27Jeff Neuman (Registrar)


28Jim Galvin (Registry)Afilias
29Johannes Lenz-Hawliczek (Registry).Berlin
30John Matson (Registry)Architelos
31Johnny Du (Registry)Stabel Tone Ltd.
32Jonathan Flaherty (GAC/PSWG)UK National Crime Society
33Kalman Feher (Registry)Neustar
34Kristine Dorrain (Registry)Amazon Registry
35Linda Muller (Registry)Knipp
36Luis Munoz (Registry)Uniregistry
37Mark Begin (Registry)Donuts
38Matthias Pfeifer (Registry).Berlin
39Maxim Alzoba (Registry)FAITID
40Megan Richards (GAC/PSWG)EU Commission
41Michael Young (Registry)Architelos
42Michele Neylon (Registrar)Blacknight
43Minjiano Zhang (Registry)China Organizational Name Administration Center (CONAC)
44Mouhamet Diop (Registrar)KHEWEUL.COM
45Panus Rattakitvijun Na Nakorn (GAC/PSWG)TH ETDA
46Raymond Zylstra (Registry)Neustar
47Richard Roberto (Registry)Google
48Rubens Kuhl (Registry)NIC.BR
49Sean Baseri (Registry)Neustar
50Stephanie Duchesneau (Registry/Registrar)Google
51Susan Prosser (Registrar)Domain Tools
52Theo Geurts (Registrar)Realtime Register B.V.
53Tom Scopazzi (Registry)Architelos
54Tracy Hackshaw (GAC/PSWG)TT Ministry of Science and Technology
55Wanawit Ahkuputra (GAC/PSWG)TH ETDA
56Whenzhe Lu (Registry)ZDNS - KNET
57Yasmin Omer (Registry)Amazon
58Yoshiro Yoneya (Registry)Japan Registry Services (JPRS)



Community SegmentTeam Leaders

Iranga Kahangama


Alan Woods

Brian Cimbolic


Theo Geurts

ICANN organizationDennis Chang

Formal MembersAffiliation
1Robert Flaim (GAC/PSWG)FBI
2Nick ShoreyCrowdstrike / Formally UK Gov.

ICANN Organiztion: 

Dennis Chang, Security Framework Program Director, ICANN Organization

Fabien Betremieux

Michelle DeSmyter, Secretariat


Meeting Schedule (as of 5 August 2015)

There are two choices to be made by the Drafting Team in defining a predictable schedule of meetings going forward:

  • Choose a time
  • Choose a day of the week

Regarding time of meetings, we have created this spreadsheet to help you measure the impact of each possibility on potential participation: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zp-8yi7Y1xN51yR2DdmPIpPLMeVmOl7ffhAdweqp-WE/edit?usp=sharing (please make a copy before changing parameters in the blue cells).

Our analysis leads us to think that two models are worth considering:

  • Fixed time model
    • pros: maximum participation (minimum impossible hours imposed on participants)
    • cons: no sharing of the burden of odd hours (mostly falling on the Pacific Rim)
    • suggested time: 14:00 UTC
  • Rotating time model
    • pros: some sharing of the burden of odd and impossible hours
    • cons: at the expense of optimum participation
    • suggested rotation: 04:00 UTC – 14:00 UTC – 22:00 UTC

Regarding day of the week, due to time difference, we suggest avoiding Monday and Friday.

Please use this doodle poll: http://doodle.com/5u6cpr578du946gp to share your preferences, including alternatives if applicable, by this Thursday COB (in your timezone).

Hopefully, based on your input, we will be able to confirm an optimal and predictable schedule of future meetings by the end of the week.

Composition and Attendance

Full information and Attendance: XLSX (updated 5 August 2015)


Ezequiel Salis - BA Metropolitan Police
Cathrin Bauer-Bulst - EU Commission
Megan Richards - EU Commission
Robert Flaim - FBI
Wanawit Ahkuputra - TH ETDA
Panus Rattakitvijun Na Nakorn - TH ETDA
Artthawit Hung - ThaiCERT
Tracy Hackshaw - TT Ministry of Science and Technology
Nick Shorey - UK
Jon Flaherty - UK National Crime Agency


Michele Neylon - Blacknight
Susan Prosser - DomainTools, LLC
Mark Jeftovic - easyDNS
Mouhamet Diop - KHEWEUL.COM
Theo Geurts - Realtime Register B.V.


James Galvin - Afilias
Ashish Luthra - Afilias
John Matson - Architelos (representing M+M)
Michael Young - Architelos (representing M+M)
Yasmin Omer - ARI Services
Minjiao Zhang - China Organizational Name Administration Center (CONAC)
Zuan Zhang - China Organizational Name Administration Center (CONAC)
Crystal Ondo - Donuts
Elaine Pruis - Donuts
Matthias Pfeifer - DOTZON Gmbh (.Berlin)
Maxim Alzoba - FAITID
Richard Roberto - Google
Yoshiro Yoneya - JPRS
Sean Baseri - Neustar
Rubens Kuhl - NIC.BR
Cath Goulding - Nominet UK
Alan Woods - Rightside/United TLD
Hugh Dixon - Sky
Freida Tallon - Sky
Alister Winfield - Sky
Johnny Du - Stable Tone LTD (xn--nyqy26a & xn--rhqv96)
Luis Munoz - Uniregistry
Frank Reyes - Uniregistry
Dietmar Lenden - Valideus
Jeff Neuman - Valideus
Al Bolivar - Verisign
Chris Klein - Verisign

Frank Scalzo - Verisign
Di Ma - ZDNS
Wei Wang - ZDNS
Whenzhe Lu - ZDNS - KNET


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