Frequently Asked Questions about the RDAP pilot program. This page will be updated as questions are gathered.

  1. What is the purpose of the RDAP pilot program?

The goal of this pilot program is to develop a baseline profile (or profiles) to guide implementation, establish an implementation target date, and develop a plan for the implementation of a production RDAP service. 

2, What are some of the advantages of RDAP overWHOIS protocol?

  • Standardized query, response and error messages.
  • Secure access to data (i.e., over HTTPS).
  • Extensibility (e.g., makes it easy to add output elements).
  • A bootstrapping mechanism that makes it easy to find the authoritative server for a given query.
  • Redirection/reference mechanism (e.g., from a thin registry to a registrar).
  • Builds on top of the well-known web protocol HTTP.
  • Internationalization support for registration data.
  • Provides the option to enable differentiated access (e.g., limited access for anonymous users and full access for authenticated users).

For more information, send an email to with “RDAP Pilot Program” in the subject line.

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