ISSUE:    A.3

Require greater disclosure of registrar contact information, information on form of business organization, officers, etc.



RAA Final Report (High Priority Item)


1) Valid Physical Address to be Published.
Registrar must provide a valid physical address for legal service, including a valid street address, city, and region, as well as a valid telephone number and fax number to ICANN. Additionally, Registrar agrees that accurate and verifiable contact details of (a) the main operational and physical office location, including country, (b) phone number (with international prefix), and (c) street address, city, and region, will be publicly disclosed in the ICANN web directory, as well as posted clearly on the Registrar’s main website.   Additionally, Registrar will notify ICANN immediately of any changes to items (a), (b) and/or (c), and concurrently update Registrar’s website.  Lastly, Registrar will submit URL and location of Port 43 WHOIS server.
2) Valid Officer Data to be Published.
Registrar will display on the Registrar’s main website, and update as necessary, the name of the company’s executive management personnel, including its CEO and President as well as any other responsible officer(s) or executive(s).  The Registrar may include other contact data as appropriate, such as for the legal department or customer service department, to assist in the resolution of issues.  Additionally, Registrar will immediately notify ICANN and concurrently update Registrar website of any changes in executive management structure, as well as any changes in the controlling ownership of Registrar.
3) Maintenance of Business Licenses.
Registrar will maintain throughout the term of its accreditation with ICANN, and provide to ICANN verifiable documentation that its company is a legal entity within its country of operation, and will provide current, valid, and official certification of business registration(s) or license(s) upon request by ICANN.
4) Notice to ICANN of Certain Changes.
Registrar will notify ICANN immediately of the following:
a. Any and all changes to a Registrar’s location(s), office(s);
b. Changes to presiding officer(s);
c. Change in controlling ownership;
d. Any criminal convictions, and any civil convictions causal or related to criminal activity.

Registrar will concurrently update their website upon notifying ICANN of (a) --(c) above.

LEA Code of Conduct


Additional information regarding requests:
1) All Accredited Registrars must submit to ICANN accurate and verifiable contact details of their main operational and physical office location, including country, phone number (with international prefix), street address, city, and region, to be publicly disclosed in ICANN web directory. Address must also be posted clearly on the Registrar’s main website. Post Office boxes, incorporation addresses, mail-drop, and mail-forwarding locations will not be acceptable. In addition, Registrar must submit URL and location of Port 43 WHOIS server.
2) Registrar should be legal entity within the country of operation, and should provide ICANN with official certification of business registration or license.
3) Registrar must notify ICANN immediately of the following and concurrently update Registrar website:
a. any and all changes to a Registrar’s location; 
b. changes to presiding officer(s);
c. bankruptcy filing;
d. change of ownership;
e. criminal convictions ;
f. legal/civil actions

1) Registrars to provide to ICANN (and keep current) their operational and office locations, full address, phone and fax numbers, for posting on the Internic website, and to post the same information on their own website
2) Registrars to specify to ICANN their form of business organization, jurisdiction under which organized, and agent for service of legal process, and to keep this information current


LEA original request to RAA-DT

RAA-DT Final Report

Discussion Points


Date Discussed


The negotiating teams noted  that ICANN updated its new accreditation application to include much of this;  see:

Negotiating teams discussed use of this information, combined with obligation to maintain information up to date and to notify ICANN within 5 business days of any changes in  the information required for the new accreditation process;  publication of subset of this information on the INTERNIC site.

Discussion re LE clarification --location of Port 43 WHOIS Server.

Agreement in principle for addressing through an Appendix that tracks information requested by ICANN under new registrar application.

Questions regarding what level of registrar information should be published on registrar website vs. by ICANN;  primary address information on registrar website acceptable; names of officers/directors of company engaged in registrar business under consideration.

Registrars generally amenable to providing ICANN with all recommended data and promptly updating same.

Registrars object to publishing information about bankruptcies and legal actions/convictions on their own websites.

Discussion about business licensing recommendation – question whether should be interpreted to mean that registrar must be legally authorized to do business within its country or countries of operation, but that it need not be a “domestic entity” within those jurisdictions.

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18 Nov 2011

8 Dec 2011

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27 Jan 2012

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