To implement Board approved Third Accountability and Transparency Review (ATRT3) Recommendation 5, ICANN org has put together a draft process for the retirement of community-developed Board-approved non-policy recommendations to be used in exceptional cases and according to specific criteria.

Non-policy recommendations refer to community recommendations developed outside of a policy development process, such as Specific Reviews or Cross-Community Working Groups.

ICANN org walked SO/AC Leadership through the process on 29 September 2023, and subsequently shared a note, on 13 October 2023, to confirm the deadline and mechanism for submitting feedback on the proposed process. Responses received included:

The process was refined to address the areas for improvement identified by the GNSO Council, and the ccNSO Council and its Guideline Review Committee Council:

  • A new step 2 was added to allow for the issue paper to be sent to SO/AC leaders, along with a request to send any feedback from their communities. This earlier community engagement will allow ICANN org to gauge initial reaction, and will serve to better inform the relevant grouping(s) of the ICANN Board on whether to proceed with the next step, which entails submitting the paper to the community prioritization group.
  • The process was also modified to enable any SO/AC that selected members to the Specific Review or served as a Chartering Organization to the Cross-Community Working Group that generated the recommendation at issue, to request that ICANN org initiates the retirement process.

Read the final process for retirement here

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