The Policy and Implementation Working Group teleconference of Wednesday 16 October 2013 at 1900 UTC for 1,5 hrs.

12:00 PST, 15:00 EST,  20:00 London, 21:00 CET for other places see:
Adobe Connect WITH AUDIO enabled:

Proposed Agenda:

  1. Roll Call / SOI
  2. Update from PI Work Plan Sub-Team – see work plan mind map attached (Michael Graham)
  3. Outreach letter to the GAC
  4. Buenos Aires Meeting Planning (agenda, attendance)
  5. Confirm next steps / next meeting (note, for the next meeting on 30 Oct daylight savings will have ended in Europe and other countries, but not in the US, Canada, etc. As a result, for the meeting on 30 October, the UTC time will remain the same which means that for those countries where daylight savings ends on 27 October, the call will be an hour earlier. For the meeting on 13 November, we'll change the UTC time for the call so that for most people the call will be back at the 'normal' hour).
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