The work of the Implementation Planning Phase begins with the Feasibility Assessment and Initial Implementation Plan (FAIIP) template, populated with the 27 recommendations made by the independent examiner in its final report

Work continued through to completion of the FAIIP document on 13 December 2018, and its submission to the ICANN Board which is anticipated to occur in the late 2018/early 2019 timeframe.

The initial version of the FAIIP template was first reviewed by the implementation planning team (IPT) on 11 July 2018.

Later in July, recommendations were divided into categories for the purpose of addressing recommendations by topic area.

In August, the IPT began addressing recommendations by category, with frequent meetings held for group IPT dialogue and comments on each recommendation--addressing feasibility and ease or difficulty of implementation, high-level guidelines for implementation, and consideration for the wording of each recommendation.

In September, the IPT conducted a second real time review of each recommendation, this time with comments and responses inserted into the FAIIP template, and additional team dialogue and fine-tuning. Individual IPT member review of draft FAIIP responses began following the 27 September IPT meeting.

In October, at ICANN63 in Barcelona, IPT leadership delivered presentations to several SO/ACs in their sessions, reporting the IPT's progress and status, and offering to answer questions and hear constituency member feedback.

November's IPT work was to consolidate the IPT's responses into a single FAIIP document, and for IPT members to continue individual review that began in September, to make any additional comments or final modifications.

Following the 29 November IPT meeting, where outstanding proposed edits were discussed, the final version of the FAIIP, along with a redline version, were sent to the IPT mailing list. IPT members were requested to respond with either agreement with the FAIIP by December 10, or to provide notification by that date of their intent to submit a minority statement in opposition to some or all of the FAIIP.

Subject to the IPT reaching consensus, as defined in the GNSO Working Group Guidelines, It is intended that the FAIIP, in accordance with the MSSI Organizational Reviews process, will be submitted to the Organizational Effectiveness Committee of the ICANN Board in December, with a targeted delivery date of December 17.

Additional details are available on the Meetings page.


The IPT published its first scorecard in September 2018.

The second scorecard was published in October 2018.

The third scorecard was published in November 2018.

The final scorecard was published in December 2018.

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