In response to the offer made by the IPT leadership to present to constituencies meeting during ICANN63, several opted to receive an update on the progress of the IPT, and the state of the IPT's work within the organizational reviews process.

The constituencies listed below allocated time in their schedules for presentations from IPT leadership, and some also allocated time for a question-and-answer period to follow.

Scheduled Presentation Sessions

The schedule of presentations is here (all times are local Barcelona time*):

Saturday, 20 October3:45pmGAC15 minutes117openlinklinkAdobe replay
Monday, 22 October9:45amPTI Board15 minutesask Angie, Larsclosedn/alinkn/a
Monday, 22 October10:30am2019 NomCom30 minutes134closedn/alinkn/a
Monday, 22 October3:15pmASO30 minutes127/128openlinklinkAdobe replay
Tuesday, 23 October8:30amSSAC45 minutes131/132closedlinklinkn/a
Tuesday, 23 October10:30amCSG15 minutes113openlinklinkAdobe replay
Tuesday, 23 October11:50amccNSO10 minutes


openlinklinkAdobe replay
Tuesday, 23 October5:00pmNCSG30 minutes133openlinklinkAdobe replay
Wednesday, 7 November18:30 UTCAFRALO15 minutesteleconclosedpost-ICANN63linkn/a

For audio in other languages (if available), transcripts, and audio-only recordings, click on the session description links above to see available options.

Presentation Slide Deck

The master slide deck is here.

Please note that all constituencies requesting it will receive the master slide deck, but not all slides are part of every presentation, due to time limitations and/or stated interests of the individual constituencies. This common deck allows the presenters to tailor each presentation to each audience.

NomCom2 Review - open meeting/review update

The open meeting of the NomCom Implementation Planning Team took place on Sunday, 21 October, at 10:30am to 11:45am local time in room #134. For this session, the master slide deck was used (see "Presentation Slide Deck" section, above).

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