Welcome to the Workspace of the ICANN Academy Intercultural Awareness Program!

The new pilot Intercultural Awareness Program will take place starting in October 2017 during ICANN 60.

Background of the Intercultural Awareness Program:

During the 2017 ICANN Academy Leadership Program, community participants enthusiastically supported the concept of an Intercultural Awareness Program. This program would consist of a course that would allow members of the ICANN community to become more familiar with various cultural aspects in order to facilitate communication throughout the ICANN community.

A pilot Academy Intercultural Awareness Program course will start during ICANN 60 with a face-to-face session followed by a number of teleconferences.

The course, which will be facilitated by Incite Learning and experienced Academy WG members, is open to all alumni of the ICANN Academy. Participants will learn from each other.

Among the issues identified to be discussed during the course are the following:

  • Decision-making preferences and styles across cultures (using 8 dimensions)
  • Key similarities and differences across cultures. How true are stereotypes?
  • Conducting business, including email rules across cultures and type and length of small talk across cultures
  • Actions considered to be polite/impolite or aggressive (ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior to be utilized)
  • Gender Issues across culture, including personal displays of affection and dress standards
  • Greetings and eating across cultures

Draft Outline for 3 November 2017

10:00     Program and personal introductions around the room to focus on culture and challenges like sharing a story 

10:30     Overview of cultural intelligence, perhaps combined with emotional intelligence including behavior, knowledge, and awareness activities to explore dimensions of culture including:

-          Individualist versus Collectivist 

-          Direct versus Indirect 

-          Formal versus Informal 

-          View of time: linear, flexible, and cyclical 

-          Hierarchical versus Equality 

-          Task versus  Relationship 

12:30     Lunch 

13:30     ICANN panel representing cultures from around the world and their challenges at ICANN 

14:30     Strategies for addressing ICANN challenges and ideas 

Other topics that came up during the day 

16:00     Adjourn 

Number of Participants 

We are looking for a group size of 15-30 people.

Language of Course

The pilot course will be held in English.


Registration for the Intercultural Awareness Program:

The new pilot Intercultural Awareness Program is scheduled to take place starting in October 2017 during ICANN 60 in Abu Dhabi.

Deadline is 15 September 2017.   Registration is now closed for the 2017 course.

Registration form available here.

Please Note: Participants are required to have flight support. No flight support will be provided.

Registered Participants

Applications received available here

A total of 37 community members, including the five Work Team Members, registered for the pilot course.

Work Team Members

Selected WT Members:






Ines Hfaiedh





Fiona Asonga





Satish Babu



Asia Pacific


Ana Neves





Javier Rúa-Jovet


Puerto Rico

North (South) America


Selection based on the following criteria identified by the Academy WG:

  1. Geographical and cultural diversity
  2. Gender balance
  3. Stakeholder balance
  4. New comer and experienced members of the community
  5. Should have participated in the Leadership Programme

Applications received available here.

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