It was agreed that there were 2 different areas  to organize the work of this WG:


1) To liaise with the ICANN ccTLD’s work and give our input as LACRALO at large, or


2)   To look at ccTLD items that are purely of interest to us.


The Mission of this WG  :" The objective of the LACRALO WG on ccTLDs is to define and promote the LAC  At Large perspective at the ICANN ccTLD processes".


Election of authorities



Chair : Sergio Salinas Porto


Vice Chair : Dev Anand Teelucksingh


Action Points



Documentation/Capacity building•        Making a map of each country's situation regarding their ccTLD.•                document our Latin American / Caribbean vision of policies in our respective countries regarding ccTLDs•                Create opportunities for education in each ccTLD countries in the region.•        Interact with each and every one of the ccTLDs in the region.Putting our perspective•           Track the ccNSO work and comment or give our opinion on what occurred there.•          Discuss and that are directly related to issues that can or should discuss or comment on ICANN.•  Be aware of comments that have the epicenter of the region ccTLDs in ICANN.•           Review any other document or comment within ICANN having as center the ccTLD in general.



2 Sub groups were formed:


1) Document + capacity building -Jacqueline and Aida


2) Regional Perspective : Sergio and Aislan



Metrics for this WG



A June deadline was agreed for first deliverables:







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  1. We also have the item: 

    Documents or comments in ICANN and LACRALO about ccTLD

  2. @Aida Noblia and @Jacqueline Morris :  Also : Documentos o comentarios sobre ICANN y LACRALO sobre ccTLD.