I did not propose to dissolve the WG just like that. I am moving that we finish the work and deliver it. After that it is natural to dissolve the group. If the LACRALO community thinks there is any use to keep this WG after we deliver it will be a different decision. About 80% of the members are not active so that suggests starting with a new composition of the group.

We agree to finish the SWOT matrix ASAP, documenting the meaning of each point with a short text for each. It will be perfected when the community as a whole does its strategic planning workshop.

I proposed that Jose explore the options to get a facilitator for that workshop, NOT in representation or responsibility for this WG, but as Chair of LACRALO. That is not an urgent task. It will be written in the report that options are to be explored and MAYBE we might suggest that the LACRALO leadership explore these options in due time. The calendar for the work after we deliver will not be in the scope of our work. We will propose a tentative, general process to go forth but will hand over the responsibility to whomever the community decides in a next step.






1. Expanded explanation for SWOT drafts to be provided by Monday, by members of the WG. Alejandro  will undertake a final edit after that.


2. Dev to start a Google doc online for that purpose. 


3. One more week to write the report after the step above and converge it among the remaining active WG members (present today at the meeting.) We aim to get this done in writing by email and shared document editor. Only if necessary will we have another conference call. 


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