December 2009

LACRALO Dashboard

Created a LACRALO Dashboard using Google Spreadsheets for ALSes in LACRALO to plan for and keep track of LACRALO activities.

At the top of the LACRALO Dashboard, you will see several sections you can click on :

  1. Stats : This is a summary generated from the other sections
  2. Action-Items : that persons in LACRALO are working on.
  3. ICANN-Policy-Issues : directly read from At-Large Policy Advice Development Schedule and from the ICANN Public Comment website.
  4. ALSes : A list of all the At-Large Structures (ALS) in LACRALO, sorted by country along with the ALS website, the ALS representative and the ALS representative email.
  5. Countries : Shows for each country in Latin America and the Caribbean, the number of ALSes in each territory (directly calculated from the ALSes section) and whether the country's ccTLD is in the ccNSO. This information will be useful for the upcoming ALS-ccNSO survey and for the next section.
  6. Country-breakdowns : Using the information from the "ALSes" and "Countries" sections, a listing of countries grouped in several columns are dynamically generated. So we can see : countries with ALSes, countries with NO ALSes, countries whose ccTLD are in the ccNSO, countries whose ccTLD are NOT in ccNSO and combinations such as countries with NO ALSes and whose ccTLD are not in the ccNSO.

So the country breakdowns section can be used to plan where to target LACRALO outreach to find new ALSes to join LACRALO.

LACRALO Brochure

Work is ongoing to create a LACRALO brochure using the EURALO brochure as a starting point. A first draft has been created : LACRALO Brochure

LACRALO Starter Pack

The recent accreditation of Nexti has realised the lack of a At-Large Starter Pack, a collection of documents for new ALSes to understand and participate in LACRALO. While documents have been identified, there is need for a document showing how ALSes can participate in LACRALO. Work on this has begun. LACRALO-At-Large-Starter-Pack

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