1. document: EN : Proposal of LACRALO Procedure for the Preparation, Issuance and Publication of Statements


Humberto and Alberto will request comments from members of LACRALO .


2. The following sub-groups were formed :


- Metrics: Humberto Carrasco; Sylvia Herlein, Alberto Soto, Dev Anand, Luis Sergio Valle.


- ROP: Carlos Aguirre, Cristian  casas, Alyne Andrade, Aida Noblia, Raitme Cittero.


-Review of mínimum criteria to acredit ALS.   Yuyuqui Loqui Wladimir Davalos, Juan Manuel Rojas,  Oscar garcia, Sergio salinas


-Operating Principles : Leon Sanchez, Vanda Scartezini, Sergio Salinas


3 -Timeframe : 2 months to issue the final report of the WG


4.  Methodology:


-  Each group will have a responsible person or Chair.

-  There will be a report every 15 days. The delivery of the final report will be on Monday October 8th

- 1 report: 18  August

 - 2 report - 1 September

  • 3 report - 15 September
  • 4  report -29 September

Final report  :08 Octubre

 The final document with the contributions made by the region shall be ready on  24 Octubre


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