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Summary and Actions
Candidates LACRALO Teleconference
Thursday August 9, 2012, at 2200 UTC

Jose Arce welcomed everyone and explained that the purpose was to know the candidates a little more.
Sylvia Herlein: Methodology: clarify that each of the candidates have 10 minutes to speak as MAXIMO and alphabetically. There were no written questions were sent only hours ago two questions already answered. We also organized in which order they will answer the questions.
Finally candidates can speak 3 minutes each.
The link is the SOI of the candidates sent today.
Gisella take care.
He proceeded to follow the points of the Agenda
Fatima: He asked for clarification point of order to determine who the candidates who raised the issue of residence Humberto Carrasco.
Jose Arce: This should have been assessed sooner, and the proposal is considered a valid candidate until it is determined the matter. And the decision was made based on the discussion list. But as President, the idea is not to harm any member this is an exceptional situation.
Carlos Aguirre: Who will decide what and when?
Sylvia: Along with Jose, staff and legal staff of ICANN will make a decision but not in today's conference
Antonio: For the record on the record the decision to be taken.

Candidates spent his career exposing.
CAMBRONERO Fatima, Fatima explained his experience in ICANN. Everyone knows me, and I can improve many things, but if I am elected as a candidate, I will need the support of all of you in these times I am working independently and through them I can give my time to LACRALO for working groups, etc. The contributions are used. If LACRALO joins the striking of a good product, it takes everybody working.
The result is obtained when people are trained and informed.
I have worked in several working groups, such as the rules of procedure of the ALAC and we have to work in the ROP of LACRALO. I was a member of the Fellowship and one of the things we teach is the inner workings of ICANN. I am also involved in Internet governance issues in other forums.

HUMBERTO CARRASCO, in his capacity as provisional candidate I want to thank and explain why I want to be a candidate as a member of ALAC. For many will be a stranger, but I've been linked to issues of domain names since the year 1998. One of the issues I have discussed is the domain names. I have written many articles and participated in many congresses. I have been linked to these issues but from the outside. Not until I start doing my PhD I am interested in understanding the problem of domain names and I came across this jungle. They work in groups, I have good character, and stand criticism. I want to provide the experience I have. I also want to learn and I have ability to participate and while I'm doing a PhD I have the time to participate. I have skills but I'm here to convince them to you And I think we have a crisis of representation worldwide. The connection between representatives and the foundation is not well designed and I think I can contribute to increased participation. I think if you elect me I can do a good job

DEV ANAND Teelucksingh: Information, study computer science at Cambridge and then electrical engineering at another university. Work professionally in a company and help design buildings.
Somehow this has given me a good experience and you have to be very methodical and have to deal with multiple stakeholders and there he found solutions. But my passion has always been the world of computers and internet is popular before. In computing society saw as policies affecting individual users. Since I've been involved in ICANN since the beginning of LACRALO sign the MOU and in 2009 work on the working group on new gTLDs. The Secretary of the I LACARLO from 2009 to 2012. I was chairman of several working groups of At Large and Chair of works and utilities.
This was an improvement of At-Large worldwide. Now I'm in the working group of gTLD's objections and the technology working group. Help develop a gTLD program for people who can not pay and working group of new gTLDs.
Also present many comments to the group of committee and public participation in ICANN LACRALO would like to help in many ways. And help as to how the documents work, showcase LACRALO, budget estimates to help LACRALO in Costa Rica, training sessions, and the General Assembly. I also developed the dashboard and everything to see that there is information on the policy group. I am involved in several working groups. There are many links but my point is when he evaluated the policies I have a passion and I am not a person to say something first and I dedicate time to those who want and would like to continue serving LACRALO and ALAC, I work with everyone to ensure that all ideas can be incorporated.

He spent the following questions:
• Natalia asked:
1. - In addition to other forums ICANN Internet governance and how to encourage participants to LACRALO
2. - What topics interest them?
A. - I am a member of ISOC, Agea Densi, etc.. Most important is the interaction and bring to ICANN this is beneficial. This year is the crisis of governance with the meeting of ITU.
2. I am interested in the issue of Outreach, capacity building is something that I always insist and WHOIS compliance.
Topics must be linked to Internet users
A. - I do not participate in other forums of internet governance at the academy but in the sense that I have participated by taking classes on the issues.
2. - For the Outreach issues, ICANN is very complex policy and dispute resolution.

A. - I have been following many issues with the IGF in the foundation of training courses and I read many topics on internet governance. Because the internet and the way in which countries try to impose legal limits internet I followed the tracks in the IGF.
2. - Topics of interest include WHOIS. The subjects fascinate me. We can use the Outreach and strengthening of ICANN.
• Carlos Aguirre ask
2) How many people are part of your organization and who have the benefit of users of their countries this past year?
HUMBERTO: Each member acts individually, and could find the links in which we worked. We have worked on projects for the European Union called Reader and this was referring to the problems of SMEs.
Another project is perfect and ideal pro-plus. They taught the people how to present projects to the European Union.

DEV: A link to the chat that is the link to the chat where you will see what I've done in these years and there we have our questions, comments, etc.. With respect to the numbers we have an extensive mailing list and a large percentage attending our meetings, we even have videos, these links are on our website. You can check all this information.

A. - Members in the group and activities benefiting users and the link. Agea density have more than 20 members.
Internet governance issues, law students that these issues will affect lawyers and clients, recently organized a seminar in law school. Links I will send it. We are in the policy at LACNIC.

• Sergio ask:
1) Defining the role of ALAC member.
2) Ask Dev: fixed Representative for the region.

1) Definition: The ALAC committee concerned whenever an ICANN policy we have to see how it impacts end users and we have to work by consensus with members of the ALAC.
2) If I am elected I will work for all the LACRALO I think the decision rests with LACRALO you who will have to decide. Given the history we have come to some misunderstandings and feelings of several people. I think this issue should be debated by all members of the ALAC.
FATIMA: ALAC member function is to advise the region. The ALAC member communicates to your region and want to give instructions on how to vote then vote.


Sylvia: I regret to say the time is up. The remaining questions can be submitted in writing until the day August 11 at 22 UTC and will be in the WIKI.
Thank you very much everyone for their active participation.

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