1.  Definition of Objectives: (to be completed by Fatima Cambronero who is gathering them)

1.1 .To Analize the reality of the region


1.2 - To organize the way this region is working.

  •    Sub - grupos temáticos? 
  • Sub- Thematic groups?

  • To determine the Geopolitical needs of the LACRALO region as a reference framework for LACRALO

  • To Determine what type of participation LACRALO must have in Internet Gobernance in a wide sense (IGF- Regional IGFs-1/net, etc).


2. Sergio Salinas Porto will listen to the audios of the Costa Rica meetings.

3. Fatima Cambronero  will gather all the ideas about the objectives discussed in this teleconference

4.  The WG has 1 week to draft the objectives and obtain comments. Objectives shall be ready by  December 16 . 


5.  Deadline for the document: : End of  February 


6. Teleconferences:  Shall be done every 15 days. Next teleconference Monday 23 December, same day/same time.




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