First draft of LACRALO Translation WG

a. - General and specific objectives


The general objective is to identify and propose solutions related to translation issues that are faced by LACRALO members in various forms of participation in its activities.



This group seeks the following specific objectives:

 2.1. Determine the translation's differences between the various LACRALO organizational documents (Memorandum of Understanding, operating principles and rules of procedure) n English and Spanish versions.

2.2. Propose solutions to these differences.

2.3. Determine the state of the art of translation system that is used for mailing lists.

2.4. Propose solutions that may have possibility to be implemented both as LACRALO ICANN respective agencies.


b. - Work Methodology


Collaborative work in the virtual environment.

c. - WG's foundations

These are based on the problems identified in both mailing lists as inconsistencies in organizational documents LACRALO

d. - Expected impact and critical success factors

1. - It would be considered a success if LACRALO approves  the WG's suggestions for resolving inconsistencies of LACRALO organizational documents.

2. - It would be a success that ICANN considers some of the solutions proposed by the working group related to the issue of the mailing lists.

e. - Work Schedule




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