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August 2012 (Update June 2013)


My name is Fatima Cambronero and I live in Cordoba, Argentina. I am a Lawyer and Attorney by profession and currently working as an independent Lawyer focused on new technology issues related to consulting, administration, and litigation in Cordoba.

I am currently a Delegate to the General Assembly of LACRALO via the ALS AGEIA DENSI Argentina.

I serve as an Expert Moderator of the ISOC NGL eLearning Programme in the Spanish course.

I am a member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) as a Civil Society representative.

I am involved with the academic and civil society stakeholders in the Internet Governance ecosystem.

I have no conflicts of interest and my work is not related to ICANN business.

I have no a direct financial or monetary interest in any company that does business in/with ICANN.

I discovered the world of Internet governance when I was studying my specialization in Law and Technology in 2008. From there I began to engage with the study of Internet Governance (IG) issues and to participate in LACRALO’s teleconferences. Since 2009 I am serving as a Delegate to LACRALO via the ALS AGEIA DENSI Argentina. I then took several training courses in IG issues and became a Fellow of the following organizations: SSIG, DiploFoundation, ICANN Fellowship Program, ISOC NGL, ITU Academy, LACIGF, and IGF.

The ALS I belong to is a LACRALO founder and since its inception our organization has been committed to capacity building in our community. We have given courses and organized events aimed to familiarize others with IG issues so they can engage and participate in the IG ecosystem. Our organization has also been committed to defending the rights of local Internet users and providing legal advice free of charge to local users in matters where their rights were violated.

2010 was the first time I personally attended an ICANN meeting as part of the Fellowship Program. I have been an ICANN Fellow four times. I have also participated remotely from late 2008 in all ICANN meetings, where I learned about the main IG issues from key stakeholders as well as ICANN's operations and its various constituencies. I've always focused more on the ALAC meetings, but I have also been a part of some At-Large Working Groups as well.

Given that an ALAC Member's main function is to advise, I believe that the best way to give advice is to be trained and informed. It is for this reason that we work with the ALAC Members of our region for the continuation of the capacity building program started in Costa Rica. The ICANN world is large and in the ALAC many issues are very quickly debated with very little time for discussion. As a result, the only way to achieve results, and to be sure that our region is active in these results, is for the region to work together and collaborate with a division of work. It is only in this way that we can grow as a region. I strive to maintain a good dialogue with LACRALO’s ALS delegates, both the Spanish and English speakers, as well as work with many members as a team. I offer to continue working in the same way and to listen to dialogue with all stakeholders in our region as the best way to overcome the obstacles we are going through is with dialogue and consensus building in our region.

Having been a beneficiary of several fellowship programs, especially of ICANN's with the investment of money and training they have provided, I consider the best way to thank and repay those efforts is to be able to serve as an ALAC member.



Lawyer and Attorney graduated at Law and Social Sciences School from the National University of Cordoba (Argentina). Specialized at Law and Technology from the Blas Pascal University (Cordoba, Argentina). Research Director of AGEIA DENSI Argentina.

MAG member as Civil Society representative.



Member of AGEIA DENSI Argentina; Member of Internet Governance Caucus (IGC); Volunteer at The Public Voice Coalition; Member of Diplo Internet Governance Community; Member of Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG/NCUC); Global Member of ISOC; Member of GigaNet (Global Internet Governance Academic Network); Collaborator Member of ISOC Brazil Chapter.



South School on Internet Governance-SSIG (March 2010. Sao Paulo, Brazil); DiploFoundation "Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme 2010": Foundation Phase, Advanced Phase (Privacy and Personal Data Protection) and Research Phase ( IPR and Privacy); Third, Fourth and Fifth Preparatory Meeting of Latin American and the Caribbean for the Internet Governance Forum (Quito, Equator, 2010;Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, 2011; Bogota, Colombia, 2012); Alumni of ICANN Fellowship Program (39th Meeting, Cartagena, Colombia, December 2010; 41st Meeting, Singapur, June 2011; 43rd Meeting, San Jose, Costa Rica, March 2012; 46th Meeting, Beijing, China, March 2013); Alumni of ISOC Next Generation Leaders Programme 2011; ISOC Ambassador for IGF 2011 held in Nairobi, September 2011 and ISOC Returning Ambassador for IGF 2012 held in Baku, Azerbaijan; Alumni of Future Internet e learning course of ITU Academy.


Work experience

Expert Moderator for the ISOC Next Generation Leaders course in its Spanish edition; Lecturer of the DiploFoundation for the Infrastructure and Critical Internet Resources eLearning course; Program Committee Member of the GigaNet Annual Symposium (Global Internet Governance Academic Network); Research Director of AGEIA DENSI Argentina; Member of the Academic Committee of the Argentine Symposium on Computing and Law (SID 2013) within the 42nd Argentinean Conference of Computer (Cordoba, Argentina); Advisor at ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) for the Group of Internet Governance eLAC2010. Research of Models, Mechanisms and Institutions related to Internet Governance in Latin America and the Caribbean countries (2010); Delegate to the General Assembly of LACRALO by AGEIA DENSI Argentina; Invited Professor at DENSI at Law and Social Sciences School from the National University of Cordoba; Lawyer focused on new technology issues, related to consulting, administrative and litigation aspects.



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