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Monday 10 September 2012 at 2000 UTC

Summary Minutes and Action Items



Juan Manuel Rojas started the LACRALO WG on communication and to summarize the agenda, working methods, and Work schedule and responsibilities.


Background information on the group

This has to do with the work done in Costa Rica, critical, because we are failing on communications. We must begin to focus.

We have to agree on the Overall specific objectives for the WG. We circulated email among WG members asking for comments and feedback and we obtained one reply from Jacqueline Morris and that was the basis as starting point.

Work Proposal for WG on communications.

1. Objectives (5 maximum)

For instance, to improve internal and external communications

To create necessary documents to that incoming LACRALO members get to know and participate.

Create a communication policy that will comprise all LACRALO WGs.

We need to work on the email exchange. The protocols need some inputs so that we avoid or prevent misuse of information and therefore we should create a protocol. We should create an external communications plan and internal so we know better the issues and including other topics that are related and call for our participation

Feedback network focused on the end user so we can use that information.

I am interested in the view on the overall and specific objectives.

I am interested in your views.

Dev: Refer to the email list as you know the Technology task force has put this on the Agenda and there have been discussions among ICANN staff. Dev put the link on the chat.

One of the latest suggestions made to ICANN staff, particularly re the subject lines, perhaps try not to translate subject lines.

Juan Manuel: The LACRALO WG devoted to this, the taskforce is focusing on the technical aspects, so we should focus on how to solve these failures or mistakes, for example, lack of respect. We should focus on what to apply. The penalty and regulatory aspect. Communication is two ways.

The link Dev posted

Idea is how to find a solution to this problem. Although we already have an At-Large list and we subscribe  to it.

We should delete the email exchange until we decide what we are going to do about it.

Dev: Regarding the email list, a lot of the issues are technical and machine translation will never be able to fully translate an email 100%. In discussions with IT, they said that they have several problems and this became very hard, and this lead to groupings of emails machine translated . We can set guidelines, such as keep sentences short, and easy to translate.

The main approach is to focus on communications policy, which should include communications in the email list and we should have a policy indicating behavior and we should have a document.

Regarding methodology, we are going to make our best to work through the list, we should decide if create more list or work with LACRALO's list.

We can meet by skype of teleconference so as to exchange our views and to start working with all these issues.

Dev: Re having a separate email list I would emphasize creating a workspace on the WIKI. But if the WG has few members I do not see the value, I prefer the Workspace on the WIKI.

That way everyone in LACRALO is informed and the group can collaborate.

Juan Manuel Rojas: We have been working with the WIIKI, and during Costa Rica we were told to work with WIKI.,

We can also post links and work with links.

Jacqueline Morris:  Use both wiki and email list, as there are people who prefer to work with one over the other. Wiki can sometimes be very messy and hard to follow the timeline of comments and multiple ways to participate can increase participation

Juan Manuel, I would like to use technology. This proposal was already created and until now we have not received any comments.

We are also going to provide updates with the communities.

5. Chronogram: One critical point. We have a proposal for objectives, I would like to establish a deadline. I would like to define the proposal to be able to create a schedule

Juan Manuel: Would like to create an skeleton, so we can create an outline for communication policies.

Regarding dates: What would be good date?

Dev: ICANN Toronto meeting is coming up.

Juan Manuel: The idea is to keep Mondays for our meetings

Dev: Mondays are fine.

According to Dev's proposal, next meeting would be October 1st.

Question: Can meeting be held earlier?

Oct 1st we should have a proposal ready to discuss the objectives during the meeting.

Responsibilities and AIs

Dev: Given that there will be a small subset of objectives. we can begin discussions.

First step "Draft communication policy and what should be in it.

Juan Manuel: correct








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