Asociacion de Derecho e Informatica de Chile

Humberto Carrasco



Agustinas Nº853, Oficina 1043




Asociacion de Derecho e Informatica de Chile

ADI-CHILE undertakes various activities such as organization, sponsorship and active participation in seminars, courses and events, publications, provides specialized individual and group counseling, and assists and advises public and private institutions.In addition, partners in a permanent or temporary with other national, international or foreign pursuing similar purposes.

ADI Chile participates in the academy through its members. It participates in the course of Diploma in Computer Expertise (USACH), Computer Security (USACH), among others.
It has participated in the development of courses for Judicial Academy of Chile.
Its members have also been invited to participate in discussions of various bills in the Chilean Parliament.
Finally, it has participated in EU projects, Lektor (, Proideal and Proideal Plus (


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