Andrés Piazza from AGEIA DENSI, who was serving a one year term as LACRALO President from April 15 2011 has stepped down due to work commitments. The position for LACRALO President is hereby vacant.

ALS representatives from an accredited ALS in LACRALO can submit nominations of candidates to serve as the LACRALO president.

The term for the LACRALO President is for the remainder of the one year term until April 15, 2012.

The deadline for the submission of nominations to serve as LACRALO president is July 22, 2011.

Description of LACRALO President/Chair:

According to number 4 of the LACRALO Operating Principles:

"His duties will consist of, among other things, establish a link between the discussions in ALAC and the contributions made by the region, represent the region in the ALAC face-to-face meetings and chair the debates of the Assembly held through discussion lists, teleconferences and face-to-face meetings"

See: [LACRALO Organising Documents|LACRALO:LACRALO Organising Documents]

LACRALO Interim Chair Proposal

Vanda Scartezini has proposed that, in lieu of a new election at this time, the current LACRALO acting Chair and Secretariat, Dev Anand Teelucksingh, continue in both positions until the end of the current term on April 15, 2012.  If this proposal is accepted by LACRALO, no new election will need to be held until then.

This option will be discussed during LACRALO's call on 21 July. During the LACRALO call on July 21 2011, there was no expressed support for this option.

Nominations for LACRALO Chair Position

The LACRALO Secretariat  has asked interested ALS representatives to put forward their candidatures by July 22 2011.

Nominations for LACRALO Chair

Nominated By

Supported By

Date Nominee Accepted

Jose Francisco Arce

Carlos Aguirre

Sergio Salina Porto*
Natalia Enciso
Alberto Soto 
Adrian Carballo
Fatima Cambronero


Vanda Scartezini

Carlton Samuels

Jacqueline Morris
Carton Samuels

declined nomination 21 July 2011




* During the LACRALO conference call on July 21 2011, Sergio stated his email to the list was not an expression of support of the candidate

Election Timetable

At the 21 July 2011 LACRALO conference, it was agreed by those attending that call, unless there was a request by any ALS to call for a vote that we should attempt to have a interim LACRALO president acclaimed by consensus, if there was only one nomination. 

Unfortunately, there were only 6 ALSes present on that call, ( which means the conference call was not quorate.

Therefore, since there are only 4 ALSes that have expressed support for the nomination of Jose Arce as LACRALO president (, a simple majority (>18 ALSs) is needed to express support for the nomination of Jose Arce as Interim President to be confirmed.

A Bigpulse poll has been created and ALS representatives will be emailed instructions on how they can express their support. 

The only question on the poll is:

"Do you support the nomination of Jose Arce as interim LACRALO President until April 2012?" with the possible choices of "Yes" or "No".

The poll will close on Friday 29 July 2011 at 23:59 UTC.

Once more than 18 ALSes have confirmed their support for the nomination of Jose Arce as interim LACRALO president, then Jose Arce will be the interim LACRALO president until April 2012 by acclamation. 


The online poll to express support for José Francisco Arce to be the interim LACRALO President until April 2012 concluded on Friday 29 July 2011 and the results are as follows:

  • 22 out of 36 ALS participated in the poll which is 61% of the ALS in LACRALO
  • 21 responded Yes
  • 1 responded No

Since more than 18 ALSes have confirmed their support for the nomination of Jose Arce as interim LACRALO president, then José Francisco Arce will be the interim LACRALO president until April 2012

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