The final version of the ALAC/At-Large Improvements Project Milestone Report (09 October 2011; with the Staff introduction page) can be found here

  • This version:
    • Has a modified Fig. C-3 compared to the figure in the report version ratified by the ALAC.  The Fig. C-3 in this version clarifies further the process proposed by Improvements WT C, without requiring any substantive change to the report itself.
    • Has an updated Staff Introduction cover page, reporting the results of the five-day ALAC ratification (endorsement) vote on this Report, which began on 09 October 2011.
  • This final version of the Report, with the modified Fig. C-3 but without the Staff Introduction, was submitted to the ICANN SIC and Board on 11 October 2011. 


The ExCom has requested that At-Large members use this wiki page to record their comments regarding the ALAC/At-Large Improvements Project Milestone Report.  Please use the "Add comment" function at the bottom of the page.

The deadline for comments is close of business UTC on 07 October 2011.

(Note:  By this deadline, no comments had been received on this wiki page.)


For the use of At-Large members in leaving comments on this wiki page, the most recent draft of the report (now the final report with the Staff introduction) can be found above. 

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